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Sunday, May 15, 2011


We had an exciting and busy past couple of days filled with friends and lots of going out, (not so good for my dieting) but it was well worth the celebration!

Thursday night there was about 40 of us who were all secretly awaiting our friends Ashley and Carlton as Carlton was going to propose. Ash was so excited and it was neat to have everyone there to celebrate with afterwards. When they showed up he did it immediately and then everyone had a rose and we all walked up to hug Ashley and handed her a rose. So by the end of it she had a huge amount of flowers. We are so happy for them and love them lots!

Here are a few pictures I took, although my camera was in candle light mode right when he was proposing and I had no idea so the pictures are so blurry and didn't turn out well.

my best friend, b and I anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Soon To Be Mr and Mrs. Smith! We all love you guys!

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