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Monday, November 30, 2009

Accomplishing Some Things

Well my stationery girl is just so amazing. We e-mail back and forth over everything. I highly recommend her she has been great to work with for everything. Anything paper other than my programs and my seating chart has been done by her. She sent me a proof of my table numbers and I figured I give you a little sneak peak of them too. I love how everything we are doing we are including the K+J on it everywhere.

Well since we are just over a month out I have put myself on a hardcore diet starting tomorrow. I really would like to loose 10 pounds but anything will be fine. My dress fits perfectly now so I don't really want to take it in again since my last dress fitting is right before the wedding but I did that just incase I did loose some weight. I really would like to loose 5 in two weeks since we go on my bachelorette party cruise I will most likely be putting some of it back on with all the booze and food we will be consuming. Jeff made a comment to me about him starting to hit the gym up so his muscles are big for the wedding. I just laughed as he will be in a long sleeve shirt and jacket!

Call me crazy but I am obsessed with a bow tie. I think it is so much more formal and i just think its really good looking. I for sure am making my dad wear one! I asked Jeff if he would and he said yes but I think I have to see him in it because his neck is so big as well as majority of his groomsmen I think it will look goofy but I will at least get my fix with my dad wearing it walking me down the aisle. We went and picked out the groomsmen tuxes and they are wearing black tuxes with platinum vests with a little design on it. It looks so good together and so far I have showed it to jeff's fashionable black groomsman he said they are going to look fresh. So I'm guessing thats good! I am relieved we got majority of the groomsmen fitted because they all live in different states so I was worried getting them fitted the rest are in jacksonville and can go whenever! so thats a huge check!

We also picked out all the icecream and toppings for the rehearsal. I let Jeff choose for the exception of one of the ice creams that is my favorite. We sort of went with basic ice creams and people could add their own toppings on it.
But Jeff chose for ice cream
- Vanilla
-Birthday Cake
- Sweet Cream ( i chose that its my favorite)

For Toppings he chose
-cookie dough
-gummy bears
-chocolate chips

I chose to just do cups of ice cream rather than cones and everyone make a massive mess at the rehearsal place! So that should be good. Jeffrey is so excited for that. Other than that I can't think of what else I am doing. Finding earrings! I just want something huge and gaudy diamonds and I don't like to much of the stuff that is out there. So hopefully i will find something shortly! Starting to get sort of nervous I am almost a month away Ah!

Thanksgiving Break

Well I had a great thanksgiving with my family and our annual tradition is to go to a movie so we went and saw Blind Side. I thought it was a great movie. It was funny and sad at the same time. For the weekend I went down to Gainesville with my brother and sister and some people to go visit my cousin for the FSU/FL game. We had a great time lots of fun but definitely exhausting long days. So I have been catching up on my sleep. I am getting too old to stay out till wee hours of the night drinking. It takes me multiple days to get it back together.

I am so excited because Jeff will be home on FRIDAY! I have been waiting for that forever. I have been sitting on the phone helping him pack telling him what to throw out! The boys finally decided on his bachelor party and they are going on a cruise to the bahamas right before the girls are for my bachelorette party. I think they leave the Sunday or Monday and come back Thursday and we leave that Friday and come back that following Monday. So we are both excited for that and that is coming up just in 2 weeks or so.

As for the wedding its all starting to come down where I have tons of stuff to do. The RSVP deadline is tomorrow and I still need like 28 rsvp's. I am like you have got to be kidding me. So I am going to give them about a week and half and then phone calls are being made because I have to make a seating chart and get it made and printed up. So hopefully people get it together and dont be sooo rude because they have had ample amount of time. Then I can order my menu cards and everything else once i know the number of people coming. So its all about to hit me like a wave and I am going to be suuuper busy. I am still in the search for hairstyles I like. I have no idea what I want just something simple and elegant. But I need to go get a trial done. So we will see lots to do!!
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I have just been relaxing, eating, and hanging with family all day. I have so much to be thankful this year. I have been so blessed with my family and friends and Jeff of course. I am beyond thankful Jeff will be moving home in a week and our days of long distance, road trips, long phone calls and living out of a suit case are over!

I ordered all of my programs yesterday so I am happy that is off the list. I ordered less than the amount of people coming because I do not want extra hanging around my house with no use. But I think it will all work out because people just forget them or don't even pick one up.

Hope everyone has a good Black Friday not sure if I am going to hit up the shopping scene I think I'm going to go clean Jeff's and I house and try to get that ready because when Jeff comes home he wants to unpack all of our new goodies we got and put it all away so I got to do some cleaning before all that. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Bird Bridesmaid Dresses

I love two bird bridesmaid dresses! I think they are so cool and you can wear them multiple times after the wedding in different styles. I think it is such a great choice for brides to choose for their girls. This wedding is beautiful check it out

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recap on Bridal Shower

Well my bridal shower this past Saturday was awesome! As I said in a previous post my sister and her mother in law threw the shower for me. It was a late afternoon shower with appetizers and wine. They had all my favorite food although it wasn't typical shower food. Some things included, pigs in a blanket, mac n cheese in a cup, chik-fil-a nuggets, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, lots of dips, my favorite thing to drink is chardonnay so tons of bottles of wine and for dessert was cheesecakes and chocolate mousse. I say that hit the nail on the head. Not the healthiest meal ever but I can not lie they are all my favorite foods. I really just had a great time and we got so many gifts. The front bedroom at my parents house is getting so full. I sent Jeff pictures of everything and I opened the boxes once i got home on the phone with him because he loves presents just as much as I do. So we are beyond excited to start using some of the stuff and unpack it into our house. My mom took some pictures of the day the rest are on my sister camera so I will have to get them from her. But they used beautiful china and silver platters for all the food! My sister's mother-in-law did all the flowers on her own and I was quite impressed with her.

here are a couple picture I have from the day.

These are my bridesmaids, we are just missing my sister.

This is my sister and I right before the shower. Sorry about the lighting I don't know why it's like that

So today my family and I as well as my wedding planner went to the florist and saw a mock up of my centerpieces, linens, and picked out the perfect pink for my uplighting. We were all blown away when we saw the centerpiece. It is pretty large and tons of flowers just like I like. He did a fabulous job. I took a picture to send Jeff so he could see but I am not going to put it on here so it can be a surprise for everyone. The linens are better than I expected. Its hard to get a feel for them with just a swatch and to see it all out on the table with the silver candelabra and crystals hanging was just awesome. I am so ready to see it all together that night.
On the other hand for some bad news the University Club is being a pain in my a** and they will not let me store the chairs anywhere else than the room I want to put my stations in that is right connect to the reception room. They really are just ridiculous there and to be honest after the wedding I am going to complain but I am going to wait to see if everything goes smoothly up till then and at the wedding. You would think they would be a little more accommodating to us as we are paying all this money for the wedding. So its not the most ideal situation and layout but we will figure out a way to make it work.

I am sooo ready and beyond excited Jeff comes home in a week and half for goood!!! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this day, probably since the day he said bye to go off to college but I am so ready and excited and thrilled our long distance is over with forever! Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving break!

Real Wedding Tuesday

A pretty beachy real wedding, i love the clean crisp colors!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recap of an awesome weekend!

I spent all day sleeping and catching up on some rest. My shower was awesome and I had so much fun with my closest friends and families. My sister's mother in law threw the shower for me and she did a great job decorating in her southern style. I took some pictures but I have a long day tomorrow so I will get to uploading them in the next day or two. We got so many amazing gifts, I sat on the phone and went threw all of them with Jeff telling him about everything. We are excited to be able to start using everything. But hope everyone has a good week, so excited for thanksgiving. I will be sure to post soon with pictures.

such a cute picture!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Shower Today!!

Its my first bridal shower today! I am so excited to be with friends and family although some could not make it because they are out of town like Jeff's grandmas and aunts and some of my aunts but still have my best friends and our moms with us so it will be lots of fun. I will tell my mom to take lots of pictures so I can post them later!. hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Whoever said 20 or 30% of your guest list you send invitations too will decline was LYING!!! People I thought would never come and were a for sure NO are coming! I have had 1 No and it was my cousin who I thought without a doubt would be there. So I am stressed out and there is no way we are going to have enough room for the reception! Oh Lord!

I'm off to my dress fitting with my mom! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let Down

Well after searching and searching for a week to get my copy of Southern Weddings magazine, my mom finally found it and brought it to me today. I was beyond excited but to tell you the absolute truth I was slightly let down. I thought the first issue was way better. I was not really into this issue much at all. Doesn't mean I dont still love Southern Weddings but I just expected more!

Someone from wake who takes pictures of all the games tagged Jeff on FB of this picture of his parents and him on the field for senior night. I love it!

I have my second dress fitting tomorrow and hopefully my veil is all made! I am beyond excited. I will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Real Wedding Tuesday

I love clean and simple and this wedding is a prime example of how beautiful white is!

Who knew chairs would be such a hassle!

My wedding planner (who is fabulous) went to have lunch with Stacey the coordinator at the University Club. My wedding planner is going to bat for me dealing with the hideous club chairs and where to store them. I want to have a true cocktail area where they can have drinks and some apps and have the photo booth all in one room. If Christina and Stacey figured somewhere else to store the chairs today some things will change. If I get my true cocktail area i really want to have a little lounge feel to it. I have been searching furniture and found some cute sofas and chairs that I like, but do not know if they are too big for the space. So hopefully i will find out the result of their meeting soon enough.
Heres a picture of some of the furniture I like thus far.

I have been searching till no end to find a cute place to hold my bridesmaid luncheon. I found a cute setting but then the food is gross or not enough. So I give up on having it all. I think I rather have good food and drinks than worrying about the setting of it. I really wanted it to go with my theme of a kentucky derby lunch but oh well I am not sure its all going to flow together because Jacksonville just does not have much to offer and to be honest I am tired of searching for somewhere.


My photographer and some other vendors came together and recreated a wedding based off the mood and feeling of the movie Twilight. All I have to say is my photographer is quite amazing look at some of the pictures she took.

Monday, November 16, 2009

We had such a great weekend. Some tears were shed as it was an end to a chapter for us but we are excited for the future. We were surrounded by lots of family and friends which nothing is better in my book.
Heres a picture of me and our two closest friends allie and brandon tailgating before the game

I have such a super busy week and I am so excited for it. I am working majority of the week and then Thursday I have my second dress fitting and Saturday is my first bridal shower. I am so excited for all the upcoming events its coming so much faster than I thought.

I love this awesome pictures check them out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BitterSweet Ending

After 4 1/2 years of traveling all my weekends back and forth to Jeff's games( as much as I hated it and complained through the whole thing) I am so sad its coming to an end. Its Jeff's last home game this weekend and his senior night. Its bitter sweet but I know I will be crying when the game is done with. It has been such a big part of our lives and I know means the world to him! He has been through so much and really has had an awesome college football career. He's got to experience so many different things such as the Orange Bowl, ACC Champs, and a couple other bowls. In Winston-Salem today on the front page of the sports section a man wrote a really nice article about Jeff.


Of all the games we have lost this season I really one care about is this one. We are playing FSU and have beat them three years in a row. I would just love it if we could rub it in my families FSU loving face forever! =) We might have a chance though because FSu isn't all that great this year either so hopefully the result is in our favor.

As for the wedding things are coming along and continuing to get RSVPs and straightened out the situation with people never receiving their invitations. Dumb black envelopes looked good but I think caused the problem.

Well hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to try to enjoy mine as much as possible. It will be fun because my whole family and Jeff's are coming. Some of our friends and Jeff's aunt and cousins too so there will be a good group of us. I will try to remember to take pictures!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beautiful White Wedding

Love this real wedding I saw it on Style Me Pretty blog. Her white jimmy choo shoes are amazing and I love her dress and the grey bridesmaid dresses! check it out

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