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Monday, November 2, 2009

Back in Planning Mode

I'm back in Jacksonville I had to get back in time so my mom and I could go meet with the wedding planner tonight.
I had a fun weekend although Wake's game was a heart breaker, I sort of gave up hope I think for a bowl game this year (sad to say). But all the girlfriends always have fun together going out on Friday without the boys.

It was such a great meeting tonight with Christina and it got me back in the mode of wedding planning. I have been doing nothing as of lately because I have been so busy traveling. But hopefully she can work some magic with the University Club and find somewhere else to store the chairs at the reception so I can use the back room. As of now we were planning on using this room that connects to the main one to store the chairs. These damn club chairs are a pain in my ass and ugly as all get out I need to find somewhere that wont get in the way of the wedding to put them so I can bring in pretty chivari chairs! But with that the stations would have to be in the room where I wanted cocktail hour which is depressing! So hopefully that all works out so I can have my cocktail hour in the right place and the stations back in the room adjacent to the reception which would all make prefect logical sense but the University Club just isn't very accommodating. My fingers are crossed.

I am having the hardest time finding bridesmaid gifts. I am not to big on all the dumb little things all these websites sell. Its a waste of money and half of the time people never use. Its starting to stress me out. Times ticking and I do not know what I am going to do. I also have to worry about what the groomsmen will be getting as well because that is nowhere on Jeff's brain whatsoever.

Love this picture by Scarlett Lillian, not sure if I would be gutsy enough to do it, since we are taking all our pictures before the ceremony and my dress is silk and prolly would get messed up but its a great shot.

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