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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

I'm officially on spring break so I can make a comeback with the blog! I have been busy busy busy and now I can just relax, well Jeff has already left me a list of yard work things to do! Not exactly how I was planning to spend my spring break! But here are some pics to recap what we have been up to.

We won the championships for football again! Three years in a row! So fun and awesome. Our coaches were quite thrilled and it wasn't even that close of a game! Go Mamas! 
out celebrating after with one of his favorite girls, Taylor.

We had a little Family Pasta Night at Jamie and Dave's and Delainey was enthralled that she could see her face in my phone like a mirror and George and Uncle Babe. Jamie and I spent all afternoon using the silhouette making banners and prizes for parties coming up. So nice to have the machine to do it for us instead of spending 30 dollars on every banner off etsy! 

Engagement Party for Chrys and Paige. It was good to see Dani. 

We got to babysit D the other night and of course Aunt Kelli lets her do as she wishes! That is what Aunts are for. She is a monkey.  

D and I spent the afternoon yesterday on a blanket and playing in the grass. It was to pretty to be inside. She loved it. 

We have some fun things coming up one being Jeff's birthday party and Easter. I got lots to do! I am off to do some Easter Basket/birthday shopping for Jeffrey. He is the worst to buy for as he never wants anything. Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For the Love of Customer Service!

Let me preface this small little rant that I 100% blame my father for me being this way.

But I expect and think every customer deserves good customer service. I do not think that the only place you should receive good service is when you are spending mega bucks! If you are selling something and you are serving me as the customer you need to get it together and show a little respect and effort!

I am definitely one of those people when someone does not follow through with what they say (cough a billiard store in town) and never get back to me on a anniversary present that was in January that I was trying to surprise my husband with. I will call your headquarters and talk to the head of the company to complain! Then the guy had the guts to lie to his boss but I was not about to have that so I called him out on the whole situation. Lazy man!

I mean we live in between three different publix grocery stores and no I would not shop anywhere else but Publix it drives my husband crazy. But for me to step into a walmart, food lion or winn dixie just doesn't happen all to often. Well when we moved I decided that I would try a different publix than I am use to and that lasted about two minutes because they were not friendly or helpful like my usual one! It is the little things that keep people coming back!

I completely embarrass Jeff so I never say anything in front of him, but I feel if you are a paying customer  then show me some good service and I will continue to come back and help you out! For instance outback we love to eat there but I got take out one night and got home and the order was all wrong and the steaks were like hockey pucks. I was not one happy camper because it is no where near our house. I called to speak to the manger in a nice way but just to let them know and what do you know I had gift cards in my mailbox a few days later! Now that is what I am talking about!

Word to the wise customer service will you get you far with a lot of people! It is the little things that count! I will pay more money to go to someone who cares and is attentive to me as a customer than get a good deal from a guy who has yet to call me back! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snippets from the Weekend

We had a pretty relaxing weekend with nothing to overly exciting! 

Friday night we had our last regular season football game and won. Wasn't the prettiest game we played but we came out with a W. The coach for the other team was a complete a$$ which just blows my mind how much people honestly hate us because they cant beat us or maybe it is because we are all young and blond and not 300 pounds that resemble a man. I will go with the latter to make us feel good about ourselves.  Jeff gets a little excited on the side line which I understand because listening to this coach blab on about nothing was irritating. But he becomes a smart allelic ( sure can't wait for my kids to inherit that trait lucky me!) and I try to give him the eyes from the field to the side line like CUT IT OUT! doesn't really work because he makes me look like I'm the crazy one. Funny how that works out. But we had yet another undefeated season and are going into the playoffs as #1 so we don't have to play till Sunday. Way to go Mamas! 

Saturday I picked up my friend Kerry's daughter, Ryan who is 9. She is an absolute riot and just cracks me up. I feel like I am talking to a grown up friend when I hang out with her so I really enjoying spending time with her. She really wants to be involved in planning her mom's baby shower. So we made our first stop at hobby lobby and was shopping around for paper goods, frames, wooden letters, paint etc. She kept saying to herself oh man I love this place! Oh how about we use these feather boas for this or we can use this little dolls hats etc. I mean everything we saw she had a place she could put it at the shower! We then stopped to get Jeff's invites printed at Kinkos this girl was completely overwhelmed and didn't even do the invites right but Ryan and I were waiting for quite some time so we didn't care. We both walked out of the store and Ryan goes she was interesting! Couldn't have said it better myself! So we went to lunch at Chilis went through pictures and all the ideas of the shower. Then we went and picked up a little something something for her mom and went to a few more stores. It was a great day and I love spending time with her. Makes me get my fix of having kids since we aren't quite ready for our own yet! That night we had a little cook out with my sister, dave, and delainey  at their house and just relaxed!

Well if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon about Emi-Jay hair ties you should! There are $11 dollars for a set of 5. They have solid, prints and they are good for your hair so you don't rip your hair out! I purchased a few from a boutique in San Marco the other day and I love them! I am thinking of ordering some more fun patterns!

Well I think I am getting spring fever! I am ready to have a tan and not glow in the dark any longer! I am dying to go get on the boat and just tan and wear a cute summer dress instead of wearing layers! I am tired of all my little kids sneezing and coughing and getting sick because of the drastic weather changes. I myself started getting a little something something and now I have passed it onto Jeff so we are constantly coughing up a lung which limits our sleep (not  good for me) I am so exhausted and weak feeling so the gym has been pretty much nonexistent to me the past week or so and I feel BLAH!
But to brighten my day

It officially is the 4th quarter at school after tomorrow!
Spring Break is in 3 weeks! woo Hoo! (no plans but I'm working on it)
Easter is coming up!
Jeff's & Delainey's birthday are right around the corner!
All the cute spring clothes are hitting the racks. 
Sure makes my frown turn upside down ( this is what happens when you hang out with 7 & 8 year olds for majority of your time)

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