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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Sister

Happy Birthday Jamie! Its my sister birthday today! I hope she has a great day and we are going out to dinner to celebrate with some of her friends tonight!

This picture is my sister on the left, me and then my brother.

I have been super busy lately! This past weekend wore me out so I've just been emotionally and physically exhausted. But I am off to Wake again tomorrow morning to spend some time with jeff that is much needed. He is having a difficult time coping with his grandfather's passing. So hopefully we have a great weekend pertaining to football we need a big win, but we are also playing Miami who is awesome, so fingers crossed. I will be back Monday in time to meet with my wedding planner hopefully I'm on track with everything. 80 days till the wedding!
Have a fabulous weekend.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black and Gold

its pretty sad over the past five years i shop for clothing according to wakes colors. thankfully the colors are black and gold but look at this cute black and gold dress i came across at anthropologie. Too bad i dont think I will be able to pull off dresses anymore in North Carolina due to the weather getting colder and colder and I need to stop buying gold items as it doesnt really look good on me and jeff only has a few games left. But how cute is this.

Also there is a guy at wake that takes constant pictures of all the guys games and i came across a cute one of Jeff and Trey (#67) running off the field. this is jeffs roommate and one of his groomsmen as well.

Love Tulle

Call me crazy but I love tulle and I love baby's breath. I saw this on Martha Stewart quite a while ago. An event designer was a guest on her show and showed her some ideas and I fell in love. the picture i am showing you is for an actual table with a centerpiece but they also showed one for a cake table which I loved. Which just consisted of tulle all the way around the tables and baby's breath covering the entire top of the table. I showed my dad and he told me I am crazy but I love tulle and I think it will look great. my only concern is my cake is mostly white fondant it might be too bland but we will see.

Real Wedding Tuesday

This wedding was shot by Scarlett Lillian who takes amazing pictures. This wedding is actually being published in the Knot magazine and was at the University Club where we will be holding our reception as well. The pictures speak for themselves. I love all the couple shots.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Jeff's grandfather passed away this past weekend. He was an amazing man and I have had the privilege of meeting him on several occasions ever since Jeff and I first started dating. I know he was such an important part of Jeff's life, his middle name is Albert named after his grandfather. This weekend we headed up North due to Jeff's football game little did we know his grandfather was going to pass away the same weekend. All of the extended family came in from out of town so it was a great time for all of us to hang out and jeff got to come back with us after his football game. Today they went to the World War II memorial in Washington D.C., as Pop Pop had so many amazing stories to share with us from his time over in the war. Jeff sent me a picture that just was really touching of the little floral arrangement and banner they left at the memorial for Pop Pop. Although we lost a special person on earth, heaven gained an amazing man and we know he is watching from above. He has touched so many lives during his time on earth. One of the last things he told the doctor was, "I have to get better I have a football game to go watch on Saturday", that was so special to Jeff. Here's a picture of the memorial they left.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well I lived in a nightmare today dealing with my dress. I will post once I find out the outcome tomorrow. Not to worry the dress will be perfectly fine and beautiful but little hump we will be crossing. Hopefully it turns out good. But I am also on a plane at 6 in the morning to Maryland so I might not have time. jeff's grandpa is not doing good so I'm sure we will be busy with all his family, aunts, cousins and so forth. Please say a little prayer for Pop Pop (jeffs grandpa). But be back Sunday afternoon.

First Dress Fitting and Getting my Veil picked out and fitted!

I am so excited today! I have my first dress fitting and we are going to pick out everything for my veil and im going to get fitted today. I have not put my dress on in months and I have been anticipating putting it on just to remind myself how much I love it. Its sad to say but on a weekly basis i go unzip the bag and just look at it! So I am beyond excited. If you forgot this is what my veil is going to be like.

Then when I get home I have lots of packing to do. I have a 6 am flight out tomorrow morning with Jeff's parents to head to Maryland for his game against Navy this weekend, which means getting up at like 415 way too early for me to function. I am excited though because jeff's mom entire side of the family lives right in D.C which is close to where Jeff's game is so we are going to stay with his grandparents. So it will be fun to hang out with his side of the family. So I will be gone until late Sunday night. Hopefully we have a better result in Jeff's game this weekend than the last.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Wedding

I saw this wedding and thought her dress was beautiful and I loved her centerpieces. People normally cringe at the sound of carnations you really don't think of them as wedding flowers, but you can really make them look great for instance look at her balls of carnations for her centerpieces you would never know. But this photography Kristin Vining did a great job. The photography was amazing. I love all the black and white shots.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Vera Wang

I love this vera wang dress. it is beautiful. Also thought the photography for this wedding was great. They got some good pictures.

Home Again- 90 days to go

Well we are home from Clemson, not a very good weekend for Wake Forest, I'm just not going to talk about it. Jeff also tweaked something in his knee so hopefully thats nothing he is getting and MRI tomorrow but they said all his major ligaments look good so hopefully they will figure out why it is soo swollen.The weather was 50 and rainy so it was a little chilly for my liking so I'm definitely thankful to be back in Florida.
As I said before I left I will post a picture of our programs. I took it with my blackberry so its not a great picture but you can see the graphic. Not going to show the whole thing as it will ruin it but they are so simple and great. Its only one page, short and to the point.

I am so ready for this week. I have my first fitting and Im going to pick out my veil and she is going to custom make it. I am beyond excited. I have been trying to get my mom to let me put my dress on for the past two weeks since it has been so long but she tells me to just wait until my appointment this week.
I have also been looking like crazy for jewelry but I just can not find any that I am in love with. I want some big earrings and a simple bracelet. To be honest if you watch Guiliana and Bill their reality show. On the season finale they renewed their vows and her earrings are just what I am looking for, of course I would like some fake ones and I'm sure hers were thousands of dollars but I can not even find a picture of them. So hopefully I will find some soon. 90 days till the wedding. I'm starting to get excited!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


We are walking out the door, but let me just save I love checking the mail getting rsvp's everyday and today by surprise I got my a sample of my program in the mail. I love them. They are real simple which i love but I will put a picture up once i get back.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Off to Death Valley

Well like usual we are back on the road this weekend. We are off to Clemson. this time my mom and dad are coming with me. I am excited for my dad to come this is his first game of Jeff's last season. So it will be lots of fun. We are meeting Jeff's parents up there as well. Clemson has such an amazing stadium it definitely is an experience in of itself. Only thing I hate about away games is the time we gets to see Jeff is very minimal slim to none, only like 10 minutes after the game so thats no fun.

Liz from Ellas Paper, who has been doing all my paper goods for the wedding sent me an email which i always get excited to see what proof she has for me. At the wedding we are going to have an advice and wishes board out in the foyer. It will be a french bulletin board looking thing on a table and there will be little cards so people can write us advice for marriage or well wishes. She made a sign that says " Advice and Wishes for the New Mr. & Mrs. "

she also made these cute little cards where people will be writing their thoughts on it. I love how simple they are but still have our initials in the bottom corner.

Other than that I have just been trying to finalize what linens I want and I keep making lists over and over of things I need to do. I probably have 10 lists going on all in different places. But eventually it will all get done. hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be enjoying cool football weather in South Carolina. Until Then.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Real Wedding Tuesdsay

I am back in Jacksonville and had a great weekend with my mom on the road. We found something for her to wear for the wedding in charlotte and brought it home and was not to thrilled with it so we are back to square one when it comes to my moms outfit for the wedding. We had a great time at the game and Wake won! Sunday Jeff and I went to the fair and then off to watch the jaguars, which by the way are sorry. So other than that we just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

This is my soon to be mother-in-law, me and my mom at the game waiting for Jeff to come through the little parade.

For Real Wedding Tuesday I saw this wedding on Vue photography's blog. I really liked it because I saw the Marble Slab Creamery Bar, which is what we will be doing at our rehearsal dinner. Jeff is not big on cake as I think I have said before on a post. He is obsessed with ice cream so for his grooms cake at the rehearsal we are going to cater in a marble slab ice cream bar for him. i think everyone is really going to like it. Check this wedding out.

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