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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday to You!

Well today is one of my bridesmaid and close friends, Lauren's, birthday. We went out to celebrate last night and have a great time. But I wanted to wish her a happy birthday and all the best in the upcoming year. She has always been there for Jeff and I and is a friend I know I can count on if I need her.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN! Hope your enjoying your day with your family!

Lauren and I at my wedding

And us at our rehearsal dinner

Love is in the Air

Jeff's best friend from college who was he roommate all through his years at Wake and his girl friend Anna Bett have just become two people Jeff and I just love so much. They are so special to us and actually at our wedding those two caught the bouquet and garter so we knew it was coming soon. But last night Andrew popped the big question to them and we are beyond thrilled! Congrats Conroy and Anna Bett! I can not wait for all the wedding festivities.

Here are some pictures from our wedding of them!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have never wanted it to be the weekend anymore than I did this week. I have no idea why but its just be a BLAH sort of a week and i wanted to just be done with work and have some fun. Its one of my close friend Lauren's birthday tomorrow so we are off to celebrate at a mexican joint tonight called Cantina Laredo for some margaritas and queso, two of my favorite things. So its a great way to start off the weekend. We don't get to see lauren much since her husband up and moved her right after they got married to Tallahassee last year. So its always good to get the girls together.

Also I am super excited because my photographer e-mailed me and said my gallery for my wedding photos will be up by the end of the week. So I am checking every time I get on the computer. I can not wait to see all of them. .

But here is a super cute wedding to leave you with for the weekend. Have a good one!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Fever

1 more day till the weekend woo! i am beyond thrilled and just need some down time. We have had a long week. Not to mention this miserable cold weather. Over the weekend it was beautiful in the 70s and now its windy and freezing. I can not imagine living anywhere up north. I have been doing some online shopping to get myself in the mood for spring and the sun and came across a few cute things. I really need to go shopping it seems like way before the wedding since i bought any clothes since the wedding just consumed my life.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Wedding

A beautiful wedding in Sarasota, FL captured by Jessica Loren Photography

I did a seating chart like this at my wedding. I think it is way better than place cards and takes up less space and still looks pretty all night. With place cards I think they look beautiful all set up but once one person takes their card it doesn't look as nice.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am having such a hard time deciding which headboard I want. I thought I knew but now I'm finding others I like. At first I was thinking of getting some sort of a pattern fabric, but we got our awesome silk bedding in a blueish color and I don't want to get a fabric to match that as I would like to keep the headboard for sometime and I may switch out my comforter. So I am leaning towards something neutral colors so I can pair it with any color. i know i want a high arc headboard. I'm tired of having a bed with no headboard it drives me nuts.

So check out these pictures which one do you like the best.

I am leaning towards the first one.

The two pictures above the same headboard just one has black piping.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our wedding was featured!

I got my dress from an awesome wedding boutique in gainesville called Solutions. They were all super sweet girls and I had such a great experience with them. They featured our wedding on their blog.

Go Check it out! Click on Bridal Closet below
The Bridal Closet

Inside of the Thank You Cards!

A day or two ago I posted the front and back of our thank you cards, now here is the inside! I think they turned out great. My photographer is so awesome to work with.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inside of the River House

So look what I found, pictures of the inside of the River House down in St. Augustine. It is not awful but it did not impress me as much as I was hoping, but it has some potential so you could make it real nice. I like the half of the room with the wood floors I dont know why they stopped half way and put in carpet. Nothing a little pipe and draping around the whole room and some major uplighting couldn't do. The ceilings are high so you could have some awesome centerpieces that are pretty high. The bay windows are pretty and you could have cocktail hour on the lawn right on the river so there are definitely some perks. You would be choosing this venue for the view. The best part about its in st. augustine and it has PARKING unlike the White Room. When I was looking at venues I looked at the white room and it was a pretty room but the entrance was awful and there was no parking. so I said forget it those things were too important to me, but some can just look over that because the room is very pretty. But I personally didnt want my guests to be driving around trying to find parking or have to walk half a mile from where they finally found one which they ultimately prolly had to pay for. So this is a good alternative option. I think its going to start giving the white room a run for their money.

This definitely could be a good option for some newly engaged couples looking for a venue in Jacksonville.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Well I got what I have been waiting on in the mail. Jeff and I took them all to the post office today and shipped them out to our guests. We designed our Thank you cards for those who got us all those amazing presents of course with the help of my amazing photographer, Pure By Lindsey. They turned our fantastic. I will show you the front and back of the cards but the inside will have to be a surprise to some of you who went to my wedding. I will post pictures of the inside in a couple days because people should be getting them in the next couple days!

Lindsey is now finishing up all the editing on the rest of our wedding pictures so we should be receiving the entire gallery soon then we can start designing our album which I am super excited for. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! I am so thankful for all that I have especially my amazing husband and Rocko!

Front side

Back of the card

Beautiful Day!

It is an absolutely beautiful Saturday in jacksonville. It is like 69 degrees sunny! Perfect weather in my eyes. Jeff and I went and finally got everything finalized at the bank so it has the correct new names and address on it. Then we met my mom for lunch and Hurricanes which just opened up by our house. It was absolutely delicious. Now Jeff and I are taking advantage of this amazing weather and have all the doors and windows open just listening to the radio doing yard work and house work with Rocko who is resting and soaking up the rays. He is so much fun, each day we just come to love him so much more. He is so loving and really just wants to be with a human at all times having them touch or pet him. He is 51 pounds and he thinks he is lap dog its so funny. He is always curled up in our laps. Here are a few pictures I snapped of him today with his dad.

Rocko watching his dad do yard work!

Friday, February 19, 2010

River House

man oh man did i find an awesome place for a wedding from the outside at least. I am going to go down there and take a look at the inside because I am so curious. its right in st. augustine on the water. Its a beautiful building and the grand ballroom has french doors that opens up to a beautiful terrace over looking the water. I mean how could it get much better. I am interested to see what the inside looks like and if its just like another other dumb looking ballroom. Christina was telling me about it last night over dinner and its really not that well known as of now, but she has a wedding there coming up so I am so excited to go and do a wedding there.

here is the only picture on their website of the back of the building and the terrace.

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