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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wine and Cheese

Well I was definitely pleased with the results of the super bowl not that I cared much, as I decided to step into another room from all the football craziness and watch Platinum weddings at 9. Although I was so disappointed with that wedding. Nothing looked platinum about it. I thought it was pretty lame to be honest. But anyways yay Saints! With that said yes I am an old married working woman so I have to go to bed quite early and staying up that late for the game was way past my bedtime. I am completely exhausted today at school. I just wanted to tell my kids to be quiet and read a book but yet somehow or another we made it through the day. I am so excited we have Friday off and the upcoming Monday. You have no idea how thrilled I am! I have to get my name changed on all my stuff and Jeff and I have to get our banks figured out so thats what I will be doing on my day off but much better than being with 16 8 year olds for the day.

Jeff and I got sooo much awesome stuff for our wedding and I have always wanted to have girls night like a wine and cheese party and just get together. Well I think I have all the stuff so one of these days I am just going to get it together and throw a little party for my few girl friends that I have. But if you go on pottery barn they have a wine and cheese party and suggestions which you should have and I just so happen to got most of it for the wedding here are some of the things.

I love this dome also. I am using it right now to keep my pumpkin muffins fresh. it is so great to have.

One of my girls from Wake got me this cute ice bucket with a G on it for one of my showers

Although I am strictly a white wine drinker, mainly chardonnay, I am obsessed with huge wine glasses which are meant from red wine. but when i come home from work I always grab my huge wine glass and have glass of chardonnay.

I just love these cute little cheese signs i cant wait to use!

I guess one of these days I will get around to it when I have time!

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