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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inside of the River House

So look what I found, pictures of the inside of the River House down in St. Augustine. It is not awful but it did not impress me as much as I was hoping, but it has some potential so you could make it real nice. I like the half of the room with the wood floors I dont know why they stopped half way and put in carpet. Nothing a little pipe and draping around the whole room and some major uplighting couldn't do. The ceilings are high so you could have some awesome centerpieces that are pretty high. The bay windows are pretty and you could have cocktail hour on the lawn right on the river so there are definitely some perks. You would be choosing this venue for the view. The best part about its in st. augustine and it has PARKING unlike the White Room. When I was looking at venues I looked at the white room and it was a pretty room but the entrance was awful and there was no parking. so I said forget it those things were too important to me, but some can just look over that because the room is very pretty. But I personally didnt want my guests to be driving around trying to find parking or have to walk half a mile from where they finally found one which they ultimately prolly had to pay for. So this is a good alternative option. I think its going to start giving the white room a run for their money.

This definitely could be a good option for some newly engaged couples looking for a venue in Jacksonville.


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