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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Day!

It is an absolutely beautiful Saturday in jacksonville. It is like 69 degrees sunny! Perfect weather in my eyes. Jeff and I went and finally got everything finalized at the bank so it has the correct new names and address on it. Then we met my mom for lunch and Hurricanes which just opened up by our house. It was absolutely delicious. Now Jeff and I are taking advantage of this amazing weather and have all the doors and windows open just listening to the radio doing yard work and house work with Rocko who is resting and soaking up the rays. He is so much fun, each day we just come to love him so much more. He is so loving and really just wants to be with a human at all times having them touch or pet him. He is 51 pounds and he thinks he is lap dog its so funny. He is always curled up in our laps. Here are a few pictures I snapped of him today with his dad.

Rocko watching his dad do yard work!

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