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Saturday, February 20, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Well I got what I have been waiting on in the mail. Jeff and I took them all to the post office today and shipped them out to our guests. We designed our Thank you cards for those who got us all those amazing presents of course with the help of my amazing photographer, Pure By Lindsey. They turned our fantastic. I will show you the front and back of the cards but the inside will have to be a surprise to some of you who went to my wedding. I will post pictures of the inside in a couple days because people should be getting them in the next couple days!

Lindsey is now finishing up all the editing on the rest of our wedding pictures so we should be receiving the entire gallery soon then we can start designing our album which I am super excited for. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! I am so thankful for all that I have especially my amazing husband and Rocko!

Front side

Back of the card


  1. very cute thank you cards... beautiful wedding pictures... and I LOVE your pup!

  2. I LOVE your thank you cards and would love to do the same after my wedding! Where did you get them made?

  3. Tatum,

    My photographer made them. If you e-mail me I can send you what the inside looks like to so maybe you can have someone try to recreate them. My email is kelabelly10@comcast.net
    or I will be posting pictures of the inside in a couple days once some of my guests receive them in the mail. Good luck with wedding planning. Its an amazing time!


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