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Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a Girl!

The Gender Reveal Party was a success last night. We had fun and my sister tricked us! Originally we were going to bite into cupcakes and there would be pink or blue frosting on the inside to let us know. So she has everyone take a cupcake and everyone bite into it but there was nothing! I was like tearing my cupcake apart. She then proceeds to tell us that she thought someone would mess with the cupcakes before they were suppose to so she decided to make cake balls instead so she went to get those. Everyone bit into it and it was a girl! I was beyond thrilled! I personally really wanted a girl but would have been happy for a boy .But there are so many more things I can do with a girl like dress her up, shop, teach her all sorts of things. I definitely want a boy down the road but I am sooo excited it is a girl!!! Her name is going to be Delainey Marie!

Here are some pictures from last night..
It is funny because everyone wrote on a chalkboard if that thought it was a boy or girl before we found out and everyone thought it was going to be a boy with the exception of my husband and David's mom which she switched her mind after seeing David's face.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving break could not have gotten here soon enough! Between field trips, Thanksgiving parties and just the kids being excited because any holiday is right around the corner I was ready for some down time! Jeff and I have lots to be thankful for and we can wait to spend the day with both of our families together! It is nice his parents come over since they live about an hour and half away to spend Thanksgiving at my parents house. It makes it easier so we don't have to split the day into two different places!

But we can not wait till tonight where we find out if we are going to have a niece or nephew at my sister's gender reveal party! She has known since Monday and she will absolutely not tell us. She wants to be fair to both sides of the family so everyone can find out at once but it its absolutely killing my mom and myself. I have been to work on a picture frame for her to turn into a chalkboard so we can survey what everyone guesses it will be. But I will be back in the near future to let everyone know because I'm sure I will be hitting up the stores in no times to get my little niece/nephew all the cute little things a baby needs.

Also other exciting news but nothing to jump through the roof about is Jeff and I put an offer on a house last week and it was accepted. Now we just have to wait since it is a short sale to see what the bank says. The bank could come back and accept our offer or the bank could come back and counter so who knows what the situation may be, so we are not getting to overly excited but I still am because the house is awesome. It is definitely a house we can grow into when we have kids in the future so say your prayers it works out. But Jeff continues to let me know that it may not work out so don't get my hopes up because we just have no idea how long the bank will take and what the bank will say.

Here is what the front look likes...

I am actually taking Jeff this morning to go see it in person for the first time. It actually is quite a funny story how this whole situation went down. I was just browsing on the computer how I normally do for houses and I came across a house that just had a major drop in price and I was like no way it is a huge and looks really nice in the picture could this be true? Right in the area we have been looking it was impossible. So I handed the iPad over to Jeff and I said take a look. He was taken back as well and goes now this is the kind of deal I have been looking for. He said call our real estate agent and go look at it tomorrow. Jeff works till 6 at night so he was not going to be able to make it with me. But since I am the one that has all the opinions he knew he could trust what I thought. He told me that if it really looked like it did on the computer and it was in good condition to walk out and put an offer on it. I was kind of nervous to make sure a big decision without him there with me but I went last week to look at the house and was completely taken back. Everything was in great condition with everything we wanted minus wood floors but those can come down the road. I called Jeff and said we would be silly to pass it up so he talked to our real estate agent on the phone and we signed a contract. As I am walking out of the house to sign a contract there is another family walking into the house to see it. I am out in the driveway signing the contract and we were told the people were making an offer as well. I mean Jeff and I both knew that this house was not going to stay on the market very long it was way to nice for the price they were asking. So fast forward to two days later we get a call and they accepted our offer over the other peoples, we were thrilled!! So now we just have to wait for the bank, which who knows how long they will take could be a month or a couple and then they could counter us way higher than we offered it is just all up in the air. So say a little prayer it all works out because I am pretty much over looking for a house that I like and move in ready, that is in our price range, in the area we want!

So needless to say I am going this morning to take Jeff to see it. I am sure he is going to love it!

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family. Lots to be thankful for!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I won the bet unknown to me way before than I thought. If you didnt read the previous post it was who can not eat out the longest. We went a week and I did so well to decline lunch dates with some girls I worked with so I would not eat out. Little did I know my husband was buying food at the gate gas station while he was pumping his gas so it would just look like he was buying gas, but I went to drive his car and found a hot dog container in the front seat! I caught him red handed hedid not last even one whole day on this bet and I thought I was doing so good! So I get to go buy this little beauty on Saturday.

We had a great long weekend this past weekend. I spent Friday morning in my classroom getting caught up on some things and then heading over to my sisters house to help her out with her gender reveal party. We also found a christmas party invite for this year which I just got home from getting printed so I will have to get to addressing envelopes. I also picked up Jeff and I's Christmas card which turned out cute. I was trying to talk him into getting our pictures taken so we would have a nice picture for the card and he completely nixed that idea. He hates pictures so I just had to use one from our cruise this summer.

Sunday we went to church and lunch with my family, hit up the town center to do a little shopping, and ended the day with dinner at my parents. So it was a great weekend of relaxing and it will be weird to go back to work for five days this week. We have been having lots of four day weeks but the light at the end of the tunnel is only two days next week then Thanksgiving Break! How times flies! I am loving all the Christmas music on the radio it is putting me in the spirit. I love it about as much as the 50% off at Hobby Lobby on all their Christmas goodies. I went and racked up some goodies for my tree this year.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little bit of this, Little bit of that

We had a fabulous weekend up in Winston Salem. The weather was amazing during the day but got very chilly at night which I am not use to nor do I have the correct winter attire since I'm from Florida. We saw so many of our friends and Jeff got to reconnect with a lot of the guys he played with when he was there. They had the 2006 ACC championship team open up the gate for the team to run out so Jeff and a bunch of the guys got to go out on the field and welcome the team to the field so quite a few of the guys from his team came back for that. It was absolutely freezing during the game and we lost so it wasn't exactly what we wanted but it was a better game than I thought.
Of course I forgot my camera so I will have to wait to post pictures until I get some from a friend of mine. I have no idea how I made that seven hour drive every weekend because it was so long today I was antsy for the time that I wasn't sleeping, my poor husband drove the whole way with not much company. Jeff and I made a bet due to our boredom of sitting in the car and we said no eating out whatsoever until Thanksgiving. We love to eat out and do it quite often which may be a huge reason to my plateau I've hit in loosing weight. Whoever caves first the other person gets to buy one thing that is on their wish list. If we both are successful then we get to treat ourselves to a delicious dinner out. I think I will be able to hold out but I know it's going to be so hard for Jeff because the guys go out to lunch a lot at work. So we will see how the next couple of weeks go.

We also decided to book a trip to Vegas. Neither one of us have ever been and my brother and like 15 other people are going to celebrate his 30th birthday. We were kind of up in the air about going since we are in the search of buying a house and lots of things going on but we figured he will only turn 30 once and it will be a fun time with everyone going. So Vegas here we come in February. Any suggestions of where to eat or where to go are welcome. I am not a gambler at all. I would careless if I spent very much time in the casino at all, which may be an issue in Vegas as that is what everyone loves to do.

For other exciting news my sister is having a Gender Reveal party the day before Thanksgiving.

The anticipation is killing me to find out what sex the little peanut is, I am leaning towards a boy but would love to have a little niece. Either way we will be thrilled but I can't wait to get started planning her shower. I have been waiting to throw her one every since they said they were going to start trying to have kids so I am so excited. I promised Jeff this will be the last one I throw.
We got the baby a cute little Wake Forest onesie and bib this weekend as he/she have no choice but to be a wake fan for Uncle Jeff even if my brother in law is a die hard FSU fan.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

North Carolina Bound

It is a three day weekend for Jeff and I. I am so thrilled to be able to have a long weekend. At school we have our Fall Festival which is pretty much a carnival for our school and church. Well they start setting up the rides on Monday which how can you control a seven year old when they see all sorts of exciting stimulating things in the parking lot every time we walk somewhere. Needless to say they were pretty crazy this week so I am thrilled its going to be over. Jeff and I are heading up to North Carolina tonight for a fun filled weekend. Wake Forest is playing Notre Dame in Winston Salem.

A fellow teacher as my school went to Notre Dame, so we have been leaving each other little notes to each other about who is going to win. So today I made a few posters with the wake mascot and had some black balloons and I took all my second grades over to his class to start cheering for wake and put the posters up on his board. It was pretty great. He then proceeded to get me back by having all of his sixth graders decorating my door with Notre Dame posters.
It is the first time Jeff and I have been able to make it back to Wake since Jeff's day of playing football there. We are excited to go back as we have so many amazing memories there. A lot of our friends are going back for this big weekend also so its going to be a small reunion with all of our Wake friends.
I am so excited for some cool weather which means scarfs, boots, and a beautiful day to tailgate.
I am really excited to see fall leaves

As often as I made this seven hour drive weekly back in the day I am dreading making it tonight. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Fingers crossed for Wake! Go Deacs
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