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Thursday, November 3, 2011

North Carolina Bound

It is a three day weekend for Jeff and I. I am so thrilled to be able to have a long weekend. At school we have our Fall Festival which is pretty much a carnival for our school and church. Well they start setting up the rides on Monday which how can you control a seven year old when they see all sorts of exciting stimulating things in the parking lot every time we walk somewhere. Needless to say they were pretty crazy this week so I am thrilled its going to be over. Jeff and I are heading up to North Carolina tonight for a fun filled weekend. Wake Forest is playing Notre Dame in Winston Salem.

A fellow teacher as my school went to Notre Dame, so we have been leaving each other little notes to each other about who is going to win. So today I made a few posters with the wake mascot and had some black balloons and I took all my second grades over to his class to start cheering for wake and put the posters up on his board. It was pretty great. He then proceeded to get me back by having all of his sixth graders decorating my door with Notre Dame posters.
It is the first time Jeff and I have been able to make it back to Wake since Jeff's day of playing football there. We are excited to go back as we have so many amazing memories there. A lot of our friends are going back for this big weekend also so its going to be a small reunion with all of our Wake friends.
I am so excited for some cool weather which means scarfs, boots, and a beautiful day to tailgate.
I am really excited to see fall leaves

As often as I made this seven hour drive weekly back in the day I am dreading making it tonight. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Fingers crossed for Wake! Go Deacs

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