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Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a Girl!

The Gender Reveal Party was a success last night. We had fun and my sister tricked us! Originally we were going to bite into cupcakes and there would be pink or blue frosting on the inside to let us know. So she has everyone take a cupcake and everyone bite into it but there was nothing! I was like tearing my cupcake apart. She then proceeds to tell us that she thought someone would mess with the cupcakes before they were suppose to so she decided to make cake balls instead so she went to get those. Everyone bit into it and it was a girl! I was beyond thrilled! I personally really wanted a girl but would have been happy for a boy .But there are so many more things I can do with a girl like dress her up, shop, teach her all sorts of things. I definitely want a boy down the road but I am sooo excited it is a girl!!! Her name is going to be Delainey Marie!

Here are some pictures from last night..
It is funny because everyone wrote on a chalkboard if that thought it was a boy or girl before we found out and everyone thought it was going to be a boy with the exception of my husband and David's mom which she switched her mind after seeing David's face.

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