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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm Back!

I have been on a long hiatus from the blog! Life has been crazy, busy and amazing all at the same time. I have decided now that life is a little calmer and a little slower I can come back to the blog world! We are finally settling into our house and getting projects done, holiday craziness is past us, school is in full swing (halfway over already). So I think i have some time to get back into blogging! I enjoy having an online diary per say to look back and see how things have changed over the years.

My sister and I threw our annual Christmas party this past weekend which was blast! More people than we expected came and it was a great time into the wee hours of the morning. We celebrated Christmas and it was a special one because it was Delainey's first! Jeff and I are beyond obsessed with that child!

We are off to ring in the new year with our best friends in Nashville on Saturday. It is suppose be snowing so I am trying to prepare for the cold weather! So starting 1st of the year I will be back to share a little recap of our holidays!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had quite the busy weekend last weekend. Friday school got canceled because of hurricane Sandy which was even close to us and we had no rain and barely wind but I will take a free day. Hopefully we don't have to make it up. My mom, Jamie and I went to lunch at the french pantry. It was absolutely delicious. It was my first time. But this chicken bruschetta blew my mind. 

Friday night we went to the Zac Brown Band concert. I am not a big concert goer because I feel like they are over priced and I like music but I'm not obsessed with songs and artists like some are. Anyways I went and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was an awesome concert and I would go back to see him again.  We went with Richard and Chelsey and ran into some of our friends Austin and Erica so we all had a blast. 

We had a little to much fun so I woke up for FL/GA to go downtown looked outside at the weather and said I rather not go into a wind storm. So Jeff made us breakfast and then we headed over to my moms where Delainey and I took a little nap on the couch to recover!

We then headed over to our friends house as they were having a FL/Ga party! I was so happy to see FLORIDA loose!  

Long but fun weekend! I have another short week this week because it is our Fall Festival. Much needed break after Halloween parties today with a 22 eight year olds!

For other exciting news I found out over the weekend one of my close friends, Lauren, is PREGNANT!! Babies are everywhere! We are so excited for them and can't wait to find out the sex of the little bambino so we can spoil another baby since we are still holding out on having our own! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Haigan's Baptism

We had quite the busy weekend. After Jamie's birthday party on Friday night we were up and early to head to Haigan's baptism. It was such a special day that I was honored to be apart of. I have the sweetest little goddaughter. Here are a few pictures from the special day that Lauren took of us. 

Cute little Bishop Family. 

Dustin is Brandon's younger brother who is the godfather.

Crunch Time!

Well Jeff and I have shook and the bet is officially on. We have two months to see who looses the most weight. We obviously will be doing it by percentage since he is a lot bigger and has a lot more to loose. We are weighing in tomorrow morning to see our start weight and then we are weighing in on December 21st to see who wins. Whoever wins can get whatever they want under a certain amount. He put a limit on the dollars spent because he knew I would say a trip to europe or something ridiculous.

When I lost my weight year or so ago I just was obsessive about it so I suppose I will become obsessive again and work out non stop. I don't know why I fell off the wagon again but 8 pounds or so have slowly crept back on since last year. I'm going with all the traveling and now football season which is eating dips and drinking beer.

Fingers crossed I win as I have already picked out what I want!!  Jeff said I have no chance, but my only hope is that is still is football season and he loves to drink beer with the boys and watch football so his chances of loosing weight while drinking beer is slim to none!!

Let the working out and dieting begin!!

Surprise Birthday Party.

One of the things I have been up to lately is planning a surprise birthday party for my sisters 28th birthday. She has had an exciting year having her little girl, Delainey. But I'm sure as most of you know when you have kids things stop being about you and start becoming about the little girl. So I thought Jamie could deserve a night to be just about her. I just wanted her close girl friends to have a little dinner. I have to say a couple of her friends helped me out. First problem to arise was the invitations. I decided to do mini champagne bottles have personalized labels for them. I went to ship them and the guys said we can't ship alochol. I was like great. Everyone lives in town except for two. I got one of Jamie's friends to help deliver. 

I was kind of nervous Jamie was going to find out but I enlisted the help of her husband who did such a great job tricking her to think he was taking her out for her birthday and I would be babysitting Delainey. She said this was the first time she ever was really surprised in her life. I caught a pic or two.

I decided to go with a black and white theme because I have quite a bit of stuff left over from my wedding and what I've accumulated over the year. Here are some pictures of the table. I decided to just do all candles. 

We had a great time and I had Maggianos cater all the food. Jamie is a true italian and loves pasta! We ate yummy cupcakes from Gilmon's Bakery after dinner and just sat around the table and talked and played some games. 
The girls left with their favors which were little white lanterns filled with all the things needed to make some of their favorite drinks with straws, napkins, mini liquor bottles, limes etc. 

It was a great a great night and I was happy my sister got to spend it with her close friends! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ski Trip

There is no real excuse for my lack of posting. It has become a big problem. I have no excuse other than life being crazy! I will have to make some time to come and sit and recap about what we have been doing lately. I feel with all the holidays right around the corner I am not going to have very much time at all, but hopefully I will return to the blogging world sometime soon. We have lots of things coming up in the next couple of weeks, like my goddaughters baptism, FL/GA, Jamie's birthday, supper club, a wedding and much much more. 

But for now here is some exciting news for us. Today we booked a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. We are going in February with my sister, parents, my cousins, and Uncle and Aunt.  I have never been to see a whole lot of snow just the little bit in North Carolina when I was up there visiting Wake. I have never been skiing so it could get interesting, but I am more excited about the little towns, hot tubs, and sitting by the fires. We are going to rent a house so we can all stay together and enjoy the four or five days we are out there. It should be lots of fun. My brother-in-law and sister are the pros at skiing so hopefully they can teach us a thing or two. Jeff and I may just be the two people sitting at the bar in the ski lodge acting like we are skiing, but really not.

Monday, September 17, 2012


We headed out of town Friday to go to Tallahassee to visit our friends Lauren and Todd. It just so happened that Wake was playing FSU. We won't talk about the results of the game because FSU is extremely good and Wake is terrible! sad to say but I think the years of Wake going to the Orange Bowl, ACC champs and having a winning record are over.
Friday night we hung out at Lauren and Todds house and we cooked out and have delicious white sangria! Saturday we are up super early to tailgate and head to the game. It was scorching outside! Lauren and I were sweating like no other so when the score was already 28 to 0 with 9 minutes left in the second quarter we said we are out of here and walked to a restaurant near by to have some drinks and appetizers while the boys sweat it out! I know Jeff wanted to see all of his coaches from college so that was good.

We then went home and took some naps and got freshened up and went up to Thomasville, GA. My how things change the last place we wanted to go were the bars on the "strip" where we lived when we use to live in tallahassee for college. The town was so cute I want to go back when the shops are open. But we went to dinner at this place called Jonah's. The food was absolutely to die for. Everything we had was delicious. I had parmesan crusted grouper with grits and I couldn't even eat half of it I was so full but it was amazing!! We definitely will have to make a trip back there next time we are in town.

Since my birthday was a couple of weeks ago Lauren made me homemade oreo ice cream cake! I hate to admit it but I had two slices of that sucker. It was probably one of the best desserts I have ever made. I am going to have to try to make it.

We had to get up early on Sunday so I could drop Jeff off downtown at the Jaguar game and I came home to relax and get ready for the week to start. It was great seeing Lauren and Todd as always. We sure wish they lived closer so we could see them more frequently.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pic Recap!

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time. Here is what we have been up to in pictures..

Labor day weekend Al & B took me to the winery for my birthday in St. Augustine where we listened to good music, had delicious white sangria and hung out. We ended up on St. George St for some drinks then met Carlton and Ash at the Conch house for dinner. We always end up at someone's house until the wee hours of the night talking, drinking, and playing intense games of catch phrase.

 Jeff loving on Haigan.

This past weekend was Cam's 2nd birthday party. She is obsessed with Elmo so Al went with the theme and it turned out great. 

she loves her some baby dolls. 

and some Minnie Mouse

Yesterday we had some friends and their families over for the Jag game. I made come teal cake balls. 

We got our outdoor sectional delivered just in time and Jeff's friend came and hooked up the TV on the patio. Jeff is totally in heaven now that he can enjoy football season on the patio with his TV and kegerator. We were not to thrilled with the outcome of the game but it was a good time. We got food catered in from a local BBQ place and had tons of left overs so both of our families came over to dinner to finish it all up. I was exhausted last night and went to bed at 9:30 and still had a hard time getting up for work today. 

For other exciting news our backsplash got put in on Friday and they came to finish up the grout this morning. It is crazy how some tile changed our kitchen so much. The tile guy was trying to talk me out of doing the whole wall  and go over the cabinets because he said he hasn't ever done that before but I said I for sure want it and it turned out great. 

Here's a picture of the main wall but we did do some over on the side wall of cabinets too. We did a tumbled stone. I love subway tile so this was sort of way for me to get it but with a more distressed look. 

We have a busy week of work and then we are off to Tallahassee on Friday. We are going to stay with our friends, Lauren and Todd. Wake Forest plays FSU this weekend so with it being so close Jeff and I always try to make it over! My sister and her husband are coming too so it will be a fun weekend!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Well we have been celebrating lots in our household this past weekend. Friday was my amazing moms birthday so we headed out to dinner and ate at this delicious mexican joint on the beach with a great view. Ate lots and had delicious margaritas. We then headed downstairs the bar area where my sisters friend was singing and some friends came to join. We stayed out till midnight just listening to music and hanging with good friends and family.

Mom we love you so much and couldn't appreciate all your do for our family! We are lucky to live right around the corner and be with you all the time!!

Saturday Jeff and I got up and enjoyed the beautiful day outside. I sat in the driveway and watched him do yardwork for a while. I was just snapping pictures while enjoying my land shark. I am so grateful he enjoys doing yard work because I do not think I dread anything more than yard work.
We headed over to Al & B's to hang for a few hours. I can not believe how quickly my little god daughter is growing. I see her often but still can't get over how much she changes everytime. And I got to sit around and laugh so hard I cried at Camdyn. She kills me and has such a personality now.

We headed off to Bonefish to have dinner with Al, B, Carlton and ashley. I had the most delicious fish I've had in quite some time and it was nice to just hang out with them. We ended up at our house to the wee hours of the morning just talking and hanging out. Due to staying up way past our bedtime Jeff and I overslept and missed church. Typically Jeff wakes up at 7 even on the weekends without an alarm he didn't move a muscle till 10 which is probably the 2nd time I've seen that in 10 years of being together. 

Sunday is my cleaning day so I got to work and then we headed over to my parents house for my birthday dinner. My birthday isn't really until tomorrow but Jeff works late shift on Tuesdays so we celebrated when we could all be there together. My mom made a delicious dinner of lobster, steak, chicken, ribs and topped it off with an ice cream cake. She even got candles that looked like stilettos and a purse! Nothing makes me happier than an ice cream cake. I wait anxiously for it every year. I got to open up some awesome presents from the family. I got some perfume, michael kors sunglasses, my parents bought us our backsplash for our kitchen which I am so thrilled about I cant wait for them to come install it. I will post pictures once it is up.  Jeff also surprised me with an outdoor sectional couch i've been wanting. It is a little smaller than the one in the picture to fit on our patio but I couldn't find the picture of the exact size. I will take pictures once it gets delivered!
All in all I am blessed with such a great family to celebrate my birthday with and an amazing husband. I wouldn't trade it for anything and look forward to what the next year has in store. I can not believe I am a quarter of a century. We have so many more exciting years to come!

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