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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party.

One of the things I have been up to lately is planning a surprise birthday party for my sisters 28th birthday. She has had an exciting year having her little girl, Delainey. But I'm sure as most of you know when you have kids things stop being about you and start becoming about the little girl. So I thought Jamie could deserve a night to be just about her. I just wanted her close girl friends to have a little dinner. I have to say a couple of her friends helped me out. First problem to arise was the invitations. I decided to do mini champagne bottles have personalized labels for them. I went to ship them and the guys said we can't ship alochol. I was like great. Everyone lives in town except for two. I got one of Jamie's friends to help deliver. 

I was kind of nervous Jamie was going to find out but I enlisted the help of her husband who did such a great job tricking her to think he was taking her out for her birthday and I would be babysitting Delainey. She said this was the first time she ever was really surprised in her life. I caught a pic or two.

I decided to go with a black and white theme because I have quite a bit of stuff left over from my wedding and what I've accumulated over the year. Here are some pictures of the table. I decided to just do all candles. 

We had a great time and I had Maggianos cater all the food. Jamie is a true italian and loves pasta! We ate yummy cupcakes from Gilmon's Bakery after dinner and just sat around the table and talked and played some games. 
The girls left with their favors which were little white lanterns filled with all the things needed to make some of their favorite drinks with straws, napkins, mini liquor bottles, limes etc. 

It was a great a great night and I was happy my sister got to spend it with her close friends! 

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