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Monday, May 31, 2010

Again, I stole all of these pictures from my friend because I always forget to bring my camera but here is a little synopsis of our weekend and why we are so exhausted and doing house work all day.

Friday Jeff and I went to the beach with Allie and Brandon for a few hours, went and got dinner and then heading to Lemon Bar for a drink. Then Jeff and I went and met everyone out at the bars to celebrate Chelsey's birthday.

Here is us at Lemon Bar.

Saturday we woke up and headed to the pool all day. Jeff actually got up at 6 on three hours of sleep to go fishing. but everyone else just laid out and drank by the pool. It was not hot at all so no one really put sunscreen on because we thought we were getting zero sun. Well we were all completely wrong because we are burnt to a crisp and I'm in major pain now.

We went to mellow mushroom for dinner Saturday and then we headed out to the bars again. This was a little rougher of a night for Chelsey. One too many shots for her. But it was still a fun weekend.

Happy Birthday Chels! We Love you.

Austin Wedding

Beautiful Austin Wedding. I love the koozies. Koozies were a big hit at our Rehearsal Dinner.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

After Session Pics

whew we had a long weekend and are so exhausted. We were out a beach condo all weekend celebrating a friends birthday! I am going to take a nap, but I came home to my photographer putting up pictures of our after session. These are the ones she chose for her blog post. I got to see the whole gallery and there are so many I just love. So when I get the CD with all of them on there I will post again of some of my favorites..

But here are the ones from her blog.

The one below on the right is one of my favorites. Definitely getting that on a canvas

Thursday, May 27, 2010


First off my parents are redoing their kitchen and living room area and I totally forgot to take before pictures, but it looks a 100 times better already because the wall paper is down! My dad loved wallpaper back in the day when it was the thing to do. But as of now the granite is in and wall paper down. we painted some yesterday. The backsplash and fireplace are going in as we speak. (i'm babysitting Tiki because she gets so scared at loud noises) So all thats left to do is paint and get the beautiful wood floors in. Its going to look fantastic when its all done, but I can't believe i forgot to take before pictures. But I will for sure take some after ones when its completed hopefully in the next week or two and show evveryone. My arms are pretty sore from painting alll day yesterday though I have to say.

So I have come across a couple more houses that I just love and I am super excited to say I found this special picture. When I was in high school and we were driving south to a friends lake house, my family, jeff and I. I saw this beautiful house on the side of the road and told my dad to immediately stop. I said this is what I want my house to look like and he pulled over and i took a picture. Well this cute little old man was sitting on his front porch in his rocking chair and probably thought I was crazy but I had to get the picture. If you look hard you can see the old man in his blue shirt just sitting there. I told Jeff I'm pretty tempted to go back and ask If i can walk through the inside of it.

Well when i got my IMAC a year and half ago I thought I lost the picture from my old lap top and it didnt transfer over. But long and behold I found it last night and I have to say out of all the pictures I've found this one is still my favorite. I love metal roofs. We will be getting one for sure. So here are a few I've found but the last one is THE HOUSE! I think mainly because I want it all on one floors. I am not a huge fan of two stories. I rather it just be all spread out on one.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dance Party

When I say dance party that may be an understatement. Jeff and I literally laugh all the time about how many people were drinking and dancing at our wedding. I mean people who just never dance were on the dance floor. It was so crowded constantly. I have to say that was one of the most important things to me. I wanted everyone to have a great time and dance the night away. When the wedding was over people did not want to leave they kept saying play another song. So we all ended up at the bar.

But the pictures are just hilarious of all the dancing that took place so I found some that just make me smile.

To start the weekend after all the elderly people left at the rehearsal dinner, we took the linens off the tables and played a mean game of flip cup. It was hilarious. We played my family vs the offensive line (all jeffs buddies from football) I have to say We Won!

Do Not Judge, but this is always what happens when we go out together. My brother, sister and I would go out to the bars in tallahassee and no we didn't dance with other people like normal individuals we always danced with each other. Everyone thought we were crazy. But we love each other.

When I said some people just never dance, my husband was the main person. He never dances lets just say he had quite a few drinks. We all took taxi's to the downtown bars after the reception. Someone caught this picture of my hubby dancing with me at the bar.

So it was a great night Jeff and I will always remember. It seems like forever ago and was only 5 months ago.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Here are two things I just wish I could have. 1. being the closet from sex and the city. I love everything about it. 2. being this beautiful Amsale wedding dress. I absolutely am in love.

Pink and Gold Wedding

Ok so today is going to be pretty much all pictures like usual. bc I could not just pick a few of this wedding that I liked. I love the centerpieces and how they are raised up. I love the flowers more than you would know. And everyone knows my love for lounges. this wedding was amazing. Victor Sizemore is an incredible photographer also and is up for running to shoot the cover of the next Southern Weddings Magazine.

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