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Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Recap

Well the wedding weekend was a success! B and Al got married and everything went great. I literally slept in my bed Sunday all day until 630 pm with a couple times to get up and eat and then go right back to the couch or our bed. It was crazy I never slept so much. I was exhausted!

Heres a little recap of the weekend. First of all let me say that my stinking camera's battery died before the ceremony even started. so some of these pictures i stole off of facebook.

Friday during the day Allie and I were setting up and watching the tent people put the tent tables and chairs up. Then we had to rush home to shower and get ready for the rehearsal. Jeff and I headed to the church and then we went to a delicious seafood place on the water for the rehearsal dinner. I have lived here for so long and have never heard of it. The food was amazing we will definitely be going back. I was already tired at this point but we went back to Brandon's house so the boys could drink some with Brandon on his last night of being single. I fell asleep on Brandon's couch.

Saturday morning came early and we had to get our hair done. My hair turned out awful. It looked like a birds nest. The lady doing it was completely clueless on life. Everyone elses hair was great. Then we went and had a little lunch at Al's parents house and off to the church for pictures. The ceremony was great we were all teary eyed when the bride walked down the aisle.

The weather was amazing for the reception. We really could have not hoped for it to be any better. Everything turned out great and it was lots of fun.

Here are some of the pictures of Friday night and then some on Saturday.

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