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Monday, May 31, 2010

Again, I stole all of these pictures from my friend because I always forget to bring my camera but here is a little synopsis of our weekend and why we are so exhausted and doing house work all day.

Friday Jeff and I went to the beach with Allie and Brandon for a few hours, went and got dinner and then heading to Lemon Bar for a drink. Then Jeff and I went and met everyone out at the bars to celebrate Chelsey's birthday.

Here is us at Lemon Bar.

Saturday we woke up and headed to the pool all day. Jeff actually got up at 6 on three hours of sleep to go fishing. but everyone else just laid out and drank by the pool. It was not hot at all so no one really put sunscreen on because we thought we were getting zero sun. Well we were all completely wrong because we are burnt to a crisp and I'm in major pain now.

We went to mellow mushroom for dinner Saturday and then we headed out to the bars again. This was a little rougher of a night for Chelsey. One too many shots for her. But it was still a fun weekend.

Happy Birthday Chels! We Love you.

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