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Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was lots of fun. The beer festival was really neat. There were tons of different beers we got to try and little food samples from different restaurants in the area. I do have to say I would never pay 45 bucks to go to it. But if I got free tickets again we would for sure go back. There was live music and we just walked around and drank. The beer snuck up on me. After so many samples it was time to go for me, i had to get some food in my system. So the hubs and I went out to a delicious dinner.

Saturday we woke up and heading to Gainesville to see my mom's side of the family. We had a good time just hung out and then went to dinner with everyone to celebrate my cousin's white coat ceremony for Med School. I have to admit I did not take these pictures go figure. I stole them from my cousin..

This is my parents at the actual ceremony with my cousins, uncle and aunt. We opted not to go.

Jeff and I at dinner

My sister, me and our two cousins.

Sunday I spent the whole day catching up on my sleep.
Also I don't think I've posted a picture other than Allie's wedding rehearsal to show, but I cut all my hair off. its above the shoulders now and so much easier to do.


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