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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Charleston Wedding

I love Charleston! everything about it all from pictures I've seen. i've never been and im dying to go. Next stop for jeffrey and I. This is such a beautiful wedding!

Spring Break

Spring Break starts at 330 today for me! YAY! i love working in the school system where you get all the breaks and holidays! I can not wait to be out in the sun everyday!
Tomorrow Jeff and I are going south a little bit to meet up with our photographer and do our after session. So the beach will have till wait till Friday but man oh man am I ready for some color. I need to get tan for my friend Allie's wedding in May.

Hope everyone has a great day! You can not beat the weather in Florida today, so beautiful. My sister and husband are out at the beach while I am working, so jealous.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Week

In our house we have Birthday Week and celebrate the entire week leading up till your birthday. Well yesterday was the beginning of my husbands birthday week! My husband loves steak and grilling out well when we got married we had no grill. Yesterday my mom and dad showed up with a birthday present for the hubs. and looky looky what it was

YES an awesome grill! So hubs put it together and we had my parents over for steak and grilled asparagus last night and it was amazing!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Friday my sister and I both were husbandless so we went out with our parents to dinner and a movie. Saturday I had a wedding to do in St. Augustine and it was so super cute, but i forgot my camera to take pictures. But it sure was exhausting. Then yesterday we just hung out since hubs got home Saturday afternoon and I haven't seen him for a few days! I have till Wednesday then I am officially on Spring Break! Soo excited!

Happy Monday Everybody!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I could go back!

So I am working weddings as an assistant to the lady who planned my wedding and I see all these beautiful cakes and it makes me so mad! The thing i hated the most about my wedding was how my cake turned out. It was poorly done, which is very surprising for the people who made it. I called the people right when i got back from my honeymoon to let them know and they said it was because of the awful weather but give me a break.

This is what my cake was suppose to look like ( the picture i gave them)

This was my cake

the only thing pretty about that cake is the table it is sitting on and all that tulle! but good grief so depressing. My dad and I are very detailed oriented and first thing we both said to each other was ugh look at that cake!

I wish I could take it all back and get a beatiful cake something like these

but oh well what can you do! the wedding i worked tonight was so super cute. I wish i had my camera to take pictures. It was a gardeny feel with a bunch of different vases for the centerpieces all with different flowers in each vase. they had a roof top terrace with a tent and a bunch of lanterns and lounge furniture. It really was relaxed and beautiful. Too bad I have nothing to show of it. But hopefully I will remember my camera the next time! At this wedding the same people who did my cake did hers and it was beautiful! HELLO why couldn't they have done that for mine!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am going to go enjoy some time with the hubs since I haven't seen him in a few days!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pro Day

First time Hubs is away since being married. I am one who does not like jeff to go very far! ha I just love being with him and hate to be without him. I think i have paid my dues with being away from him for five years of our relationship we did long distance. But this is a good reason for him to go. I dropped him off to meet up with his dad and they were heading north. Most of you know Jeff played football in college so he is going to try to continue on with football if the opportunity arises. Well this Friday is PRO day where all the NFL scouts come and watch you work out and do drills and lift weights to see what your all about. So Jeff is on his way up there to prepare for the big day on Friday. So everybody pray for that.

Heres my sweet husband

So I am holding the fort down bored out of my mind and he has been gone for 2 hours.
I think I am going to get a lot done around the house and maybe hang out with some of my girls I don't see very often.
Saturday I have a huge wedding I am doing with Christina down in St. Augustine at the White Room, so that is going to take up my entire Saturday but I am excited for that.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I cant believe tomorrow is Thursday already. Yay for the weekend!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shower Invites!

I sent out all of the invites to my friends bridal shower I am throwing her along with one of her mom's friends in April. I think the invites turned out super cute and everyone should have received them by now so it's safe to post a picture. I sort of knew what I wanted and found someone on etsy to design them for me. I had to blur out some of it for obvious reasons but you can see the most of it. Her colors for her wedding are navy blue, light pink and khakis, so that is exactly the colors of the invite. It sort of hard to see the khakis color in the picture but its not a white color just a real light khakis. I think the color combo works great together. I am excited to see it all come together for her wedding.

Etsy is such an amazing resource. I have ordered almost everything for her shower off of there with a few exceptions. You should just see my living room continuing to grow with stuff. I honestly spend a huge portion of my paycheck and put it right towards etsy on anything i can think of like headbands, stationary things, etc just for my personal day to day life. My husband loves it! ha but if you ever need anything I am sure there is someone that can create it for you on there. Go check it out!

Cookies and Milk

I don't know why I have been finding all of these first birthday parties lately but I guess everyone is just in the mood to throw their kids awesome parties. check out this cute theme. Cookies and Milk. I love all the milk bottles with custom labels. too cute!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1st birthday party!

What a cute first birthday party! too bad he won't remember it but still a cute theme for a party.

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