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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a great relaxing weekend! Exactly what I needed. As I said in a previous post we went out with a couple friends and Lauren's family out to dinner for her birthday. It was fun, its always fun when you eating chips, queso and a margarita and with your good friends. We then went back to her dad's house had some cake then headed off to a local pub for a drink or to. It was a fun night. Jeff and I dont get out to much anymore and drink so it was nice to do.

Saturday Jeff and I spring cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. It felt so great to just clean and have a spotless place. That night we went to dinner with my parents to Outback (one of jeff's favorite places) I always love spending time with my mom and dad! Then sunday we were off to church and lunch with my family and then my mom and I went and looked at model houses. My parents are going to redo their house and I always just love to look. Jeff and I are no where close purchasing a house as we have no idea where we are going to be or have money for one right now. But I love to look and get ideas and then when I am ready I will have that much more of an idea of exactly what I want and don't want. Many think I'm crazy but it takes me a long time to make a decision I really like to explore all my options ( I am a daddy's girl, he is the same exact way)

I do however know I want this desk and a similar chair. Love it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start of the week already. I have a short week of school so only two more days till the weekend! I was trying to think of something fun to do, maybe the winery down in St. Augustine if its a pretty weekend we can sit out on the deck and listen to good music.

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