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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its the Weekend!

I have got to get to bed as I have an extremely busy day tomorrow. We are taking the third grade on a field trip. So I am sure that will always be eventful with a bunch of eight and nine year olds. Tomorrow night I am doing my first wedding with Christina (my wedding planner), so that should be a good experience hopefully. I guess we will see if this is really want I want to do with the rest of my life. I know I like the whole planning process but now I get to see if I like the day of coordinating and putting it all together. So I will be sure to come back and say how it all went. I am very excited for this weekend though and just to get some things done.

Happy Friday to everyone tomorrow!

Oh I got my bridesmaid dress in for my friend Allie's wedding. Man Oh Man do i love Jcrew's bridesmaid dresses. I posted a picture of the one we were getting a day or two ago. It is so comfy and so cute. I love it!

I saw this picture on Vue Photography's blog and just smiled. such a precious baby. I love all the rolls. Jeff and I's baby will be just like this a chubby butterball Im sure.

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