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Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I could go back!

So I am working weddings as an assistant to the lady who planned my wedding and I see all these beautiful cakes and it makes me so mad! The thing i hated the most about my wedding was how my cake turned out. It was poorly done, which is very surprising for the people who made it. I called the people right when i got back from my honeymoon to let them know and they said it was because of the awful weather but give me a break.

This is what my cake was suppose to look like ( the picture i gave them)

This was my cake

the only thing pretty about that cake is the table it is sitting on and all that tulle! but good grief so depressing. My dad and I are very detailed oriented and first thing we both said to each other was ugh look at that cake!

I wish I could take it all back and get a beatiful cake something like these

but oh well what can you do! the wedding i worked tonight was so super cute. I wish i had my camera to take pictures. It was a gardeny feel with a bunch of different vases for the centerpieces all with different flowers in each vase. they had a roof top terrace with a tent and a bunch of lanterns and lounge furniture. It really was relaxed and beautiful. Too bad I have nothing to show of it. But hopefully I will remember my camera the next time! At this wedding the same people who did my cake did hers and it was beautiful! HELLO why couldn't they have done that for mine!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am going to go enjoy some time with the hubs since I haven't seen him in a few days!


  1. I love the really simple cakes. But it could be because I'm not much of a cake person to begin with. We've been researching our wedding for a while (we bought a house and postponed the wedding) and we can't seem to agree on anything. So it could be a while.


  2. Even though it doesn't look exactly like the picture, I think your cake was still beautiful. The table was gorgeous, too. (LOVE the tulle) I got married 3 and half weeks ago and I'm having the "Dang, I should have done THAT" thoughts. Lol c'est la vie! :o)


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