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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sorry for my lack of posting. I have had an extremely busy work week and on top of that I am starting to get sick. I think from all my little third graders germs! But I have been super busy. On top of work I spent hours yesterday shopping at some of my favorite stores for some decorations and goodies for a friend of mines bridal shower. So today I am spending my entire day making things being crafty. Which isn't norm for me I much rather just pay someone to do it for me so we will see how it works I have already done two (cant say what) I know she reads my blog! and they have turned out good. So now i only have twenty more to go! HA!

It is so beautiful so my dad and Jeff went to go pick out flowers for our front yard, my request was some colorful flowers so we will see what they come back with. But hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh I got my headband in the mail that I posted about a couple days ago. For my day after shoot and its so beautiful. I love it.

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