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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yard Work!

We are crossing out fingers that all this cold weather is gone. It looks like the next two weeks or so its going to be in the 60s. Today was absolutely beautiful so we took advantage of it and did some yard work. My parents, Jeff and I spent all day in the yard trimming trees, picking up leaves and laying some mulch. The yard definitely needed a lot of work. I never have had my own yard, well technically its my parents since we rent the house from them but we have to maintain it since we are living here. But I am super excited to go pick out pretty flowers to plant in front. We do not have a very huge yard which I like because that is less yard for me to take care of, well really jeff but I will help occasionally. I am not much of a person to get out and do yard work but I actually did not mind it that much today. I really would like to have my own garden and grow tomatoes and some herbs. But my mom got a couple pictures for me today

jeff and i at work

my cute lil mom and jeff

then after with all the beautiful red mulch which I just love

The one bed that we did not mulch is because my dad and I are going to get some colorful plants to put in there one of these days and then we will mulch it.

The best part of the day was there was a dead plant that was all branchy and right away I said I want that!! My parents and Jeff thought I was crazy! It needs to be trimmed up a little but I said that is perfect for a centerpiece for my friend Allie's bridal shower. I said I am going to spray paint it white and it will be perfect. So I made my dad take the chain saw to the bottom part of it and I think its going to be perfect. Its pretty big but I will find somewhere to put it. I will have to show you once its all over. But I can't post it because I know Allie reads my blog and it will have to be a surprise for her.
So anyhow it was a successful day in the yard and Jeff and I went and treated ourselves to some margaritas on a porch of a local restaurant and enjoyed the weather. Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are off to go out for the night with some friends.

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