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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marble Slab

Okay so I have had people e-mail me asking me about Marble Slab Ice Cream at our Rehearsal Dinner so I figured I would just post about it to answer some your questions. Jeff is not a huge cake fan but is absolutely obsessed with ice cream. Originally I wanted to do a cute grooms cake about Wake Football, fishing, and poker all his favorite things but then I knew he really would not love it that much because he doesn't love cake. So I started doing some research and saw that Marble Slab will cater an ice cream bar to your private parties. Well I dealt with a moron at the first marble slab place for over 6 months and a week till the wedding he said oh no we can not do that Im like uh we have been talking about it for 6 months. So I sort of had to scramble to find another store in jacksonville that would do it on such short notice. So thankfully I did. We got to choose three different types of ice cream and 10 different toppings. They just came and set up shop for about an hour and a half and served all of our guests at the rehearsal dinner. I decided to do cups rather than cones so it wouldn't be a huge mess! It was 5.00 and some change per person so I thought it was a pretty good price. But I definitely recommend it if you are ice cream lovers. All of our guests loved it and I know Jeff was in heaven. You could have them to your kids birthday parties, bridal or baby showers etc! Hope that helped everyone with some questions.

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  1. And yall thought I was crazy for wanting to take a funny picture with our ice cream!!


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