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Monday, May 3, 2010

Annual Girls Weekend

Every year my mom, sister and I take a "girls trip." Now that my sister and I are off and married and out of the house mom likes to take us away for a couple days just to have some fun.

We are considering a couple different places that would be fun.

Wine Country in California- only problem is mom isn't a big drinker so we figured that wouldn't be as fun for her

Jamacia- We always love the sun and water

Charleston- I have never been and want to go so bad but my sister has been quite a few times recently so she would prefer somewhere different

Nashville- I would love to go back since I only been once when I was younger and I've heard its lots of fun.

Anyone have any good suggestions? We are going the end of June most likely and we are trying to figure it out sooner than later!


  1. Nashville is having some *Crazy* weather now! What about the Keys? Broadway weekend in NYC? Or, Vegas! :)

  2. Ok, Napa Valley, California is my favorite place in the whole world that I have ever traveled to!!! Honest to goodness - I suggest it to everyone every single chance I get!!! I tell my fiance I want to retire there all the time! With that aside, I think it may be a place you'd rather go to with your husband or girlfriends because the wine flow is nonstop, but it is honestly one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. You question whether or not you are still in the U.S. when there :) Charleston is one of my favorite "southern" spots. It screams Southern Belle and I had a blast when I went there... there is a lot to do and wonderful restaurants! Nashville is "ok" - maybe it's just because I only live a few hours from there that I am not crazy about it, but it's pretty small. The shopping is pretty good and there are a few good restaurants I have tried. I think if you're looking for a quick weekend trip, it could be fun with your family! :)


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