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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love is in the Air

Jeff's best friend from college who was he roommate all through his years at Wake and his girl friend Anna Bett have just become two people Jeff and I just love so much. They are so special to us and actually at our wedding those two caught the bouquet and garter so we knew it was coming soon. But last night Andrew popped the big question to them and we are beyond thrilled! Congrats Conroy and Anna Bett! I can not wait for all the wedding festivities.

Here are some pictures from our wedding of them!

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  1. I just joined this and read the excerpt about Rew and I's engagement. You are so cute and you and Griff are just as special to us!! We can't wait to "return the favor" and have y'all there to celebrate our big weekend as we did with you! love love love


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