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Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Dress Fitting and Getting my Veil picked out and fitted!

I am so excited today! I have my first dress fitting and we are going to pick out everything for my veil and im going to get fitted today. I have not put my dress on in months and I have been anticipating putting it on just to remind myself how much I love it. Its sad to say but on a weekly basis i go unzip the bag and just look at it! So I am beyond excited. If you forgot this is what my veil is going to be like.

Then when I get home I have lots of packing to do. I have a 6 am flight out tomorrow morning with Jeff's parents to head to Maryland for his game against Navy this weekend, which means getting up at like 415 way too early for me to function. I am excited though because jeff's mom entire side of the family lives right in D.C which is close to where Jeff's game is so we are going to stay with his grandparents. So it will be fun to hang out with his side of the family. So I will be gone until late Sunday night. Hopefully we have a better result in Jeff's game this weekend than the last.

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