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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Again- 90 days to go

Well we are home from Clemson, not a very good weekend for Wake Forest, I'm just not going to talk about it. Jeff also tweaked something in his knee so hopefully thats nothing he is getting and MRI tomorrow but they said all his major ligaments look good so hopefully they will figure out why it is soo swollen.The weather was 50 and rainy so it was a little chilly for my liking so I'm definitely thankful to be back in Florida.
As I said before I left I will post a picture of our programs. I took it with my blackberry so its not a great picture but you can see the graphic. Not going to show the whole thing as it will ruin it but they are so simple and great. Its only one page, short and to the point.

I am so ready for this week. I have my first fitting and Im going to pick out my veil and she is going to custom make it. I am beyond excited. I have been trying to get my mom to let me put my dress on for the past two weeks since it has been so long but she tells me to just wait until my appointment this week.
I have also been looking like crazy for jewelry but I just can not find any that I am in love with. I want some big earrings and a simple bracelet. To be honest if you watch Guiliana and Bill their reality show. On the season finale they renewed their vows and her earrings are just what I am looking for, of course I would like some fake ones and I'm sure hers were thousands of dollars but I can not even find a picture of them. So hopefully I will find some soon. 90 days till the wedding. I'm starting to get excited!!

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