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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For the Love of Customer Service!

Let me preface this small little rant that I 100% blame my father for me being this way.

But I expect and think every customer deserves good customer service. I do not think that the only place you should receive good service is when you are spending mega bucks! If you are selling something and you are serving me as the customer you need to get it together and show a little respect and effort!

I am definitely one of those people when someone does not follow through with what they say (cough a billiard store in town) and never get back to me on a anniversary present that was in January that I was trying to surprise my husband with. I will call your headquarters and talk to the head of the company to complain! Then the guy had the guts to lie to his boss but I was not about to have that so I called him out on the whole situation. Lazy man!

I mean we live in between three different publix grocery stores and no I would not shop anywhere else but Publix it drives my husband crazy. But for me to step into a walmart, food lion or winn dixie just doesn't happen all to often. Well when we moved I decided that I would try a different publix than I am use to and that lasted about two minutes because they were not friendly or helpful like my usual one! It is the little things that keep people coming back!

I completely embarrass Jeff so I never say anything in front of him, but I feel if you are a paying customer  then show me some good service and I will continue to come back and help you out! For instance outback we love to eat there but I got take out one night and got home and the order was all wrong and the steaks were like hockey pucks. I was not one happy camper because it is no where near our house. I called to speak to the manger in a nice way but just to let them know and what do you know I had gift cards in my mailbox a few days later! Now that is what I am talking about!

Word to the wise customer service will you get you far with a lot of people! It is the little things that count! I will pay more money to go to someone who cares and is attentive to me as a customer than get a good deal from a guy who has yet to call me back! 

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