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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

I'm officially on spring break so I can make a comeback with the blog! I have been busy busy busy and now I can just relax, well Jeff has already left me a list of yard work things to do! Not exactly how I was planning to spend my spring break! But here are some pics to recap what we have been up to.

We won the championships for football again! Three years in a row! So fun and awesome. Our coaches were quite thrilled and it wasn't even that close of a game! Go Mamas! 
out celebrating after with one of his favorite girls, Taylor.

We had a little Family Pasta Night at Jamie and Dave's and Delainey was enthralled that she could see her face in my phone like a mirror and George and Uncle Babe. Jamie and I spent all afternoon using the silhouette making banners and prizes for parties coming up. So nice to have the machine to do it for us instead of spending 30 dollars on every banner off etsy! 

Engagement Party for Chrys and Paige. It was good to see Dani. 

We got to babysit D the other night and of course Aunt Kelli lets her do as she wishes! That is what Aunts are for. She is a monkey.  

D and I spent the afternoon yesterday on a blanket and playing in the grass. It was to pretty to be inside. She loved it. 

We have some fun things coming up one being Jeff's birthday party and Easter. I got lots to do! I am off to do some Easter Basket/birthday shopping for Jeffrey. He is the worst to buy for as he never wants anything. Have a great day!

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