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Monday, November 30, 2009

Accomplishing Some Things

Well my stationery girl is just so amazing. We e-mail back and forth over everything. I highly recommend her she has been great to work with for everything. Anything paper other than my programs and my seating chart has been done by her. She sent me a proof of my table numbers and I figured I give you a little sneak peak of them too. I love how everything we are doing we are including the K+J on it everywhere.

Well since we are just over a month out I have put myself on a hardcore diet starting tomorrow. I really would like to loose 10 pounds but anything will be fine. My dress fits perfectly now so I don't really want to take it in again since my last dress fitting is right before the wedding but I did that just incase I did loose some weight. I really would like to loose 5 in two weeks since we go on my bachelorette party cruise I will most likely be putting some of it back on with all the booze and food we will be consuming. Jeff made a comment to me about him starting to hit the gym up so his muscles are big for the wedding. I just laughed as he will be in a long sleeve shirt and jacket!

Call me crazy but I am obsessed with a bow tie. I think it is so much more formal and i just think its really good looking. I for sure am making my dad wear one! I asked Jeff if he would and he said yes but I think I have to see him in it because his neck is so big as well as majority of his groomsmen I think it will look goofy but I will at least get my fix with my dad wearing it walking me down the aisle. We went and picked out the groomsmen tuxes and they are wearing black tuxes with platinum vests with a little design on it. It looks so good together and so far I have showed it to jeff's fashionable black groomsman he said they are going to look fresh. So I'm guessing thats good! I am relieved we got majority of the groomsmen fitted because they all live in different states so I was worried getting them fitted the rest are in jacksonville and can go whenever! so thats a huge check!

We also picked out all the icecream and toppings for the rehearsal. I let Jeff choose for the exception of one of the ice creams that is my favorite. We sort of went with basic ice creams and people could add their own toppings on it.
But Jeff chose for ice cream
- Vanilla
-Birthday Cake
- Sweet Cream ( i chose that its my favorite)

For Toppings he chose
-cookie dough
-gummy bears
-chocolate chips

I chose to just do cups of ice cream rather than cones and everyone make a massive mess at the rehearsal place! So that should be good. Jeffrey is so excited for that. Other than that I can't think of what else I am doing. Finding earrings! I just want something huge and gaudy diamonds and I don't like to much of the stuff that is out there. So hopefully i will find something shortly! Starting to get sort of nervous I am almost a month away Ah!

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