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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recap on Bridal Shower

Well my bridal shower this past Saturday was awesome! As I said in a previous post my sister and her mother in law threw the shower for me. It was a late afternoon shower with appetizers and wine. They had all my favorite food although it wasn't typical shower food. Some things included, pigs in a blanket, mac n cheese in a cup, chik-fil-a nuggets, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, lots of dips, my favorite thing to drink is chardonnay so tons of bottles of wine and for dessert was cheesecakes and chocolate mousse. I say that hit the nail on the head. Not the healthiest meal ever but I can not lie they are all my favorite foods. I really just had a great time and we got so many gifts. The front bedroom at my parents house is getting so full. I sent Jeff pictures of everything and I opened the boxes once i got home on the phone with him because he loves presents just as much as I do. So we are beyond excited to start using some of the stuff and unpack it into our house. My mom took some pictures of the day the rest are on my sister camera so I will have to get them from her. But they used beautiful china and silver platters for all the food! My sister's mother-in-law did all the flowers on her own and I was quite impressed with her.

here are a couple picture I have from the day.

These are my bridesmaids, we are just missing my sister.

This is my sister and I right before the shower. Sorry about the lighting I don't know why it's like that

So today my family and I as well as my wedding planner went to the florist and saw a mock up of my centerpieces, linens, and picked out the perfect pink for my uplighting. We were all blown away when we saw the centerpiece. It is pretty large and tons of flowers just like I like. He did a fabulous job. I took a picture to send Jeff so he could see but I am not going to put it on here so it can be a surprise for everyone. The linens are better than I expected. Its hard to get a feel for them with just a swatch and to see it all out on the table with the silver candelabra and crystals hanging was just awesome. I am so ready to see it all together that night.
On the other hand for some bad news the University Club is being a pain in my a** and they will not let me store the chairs anywhere else than the room I want to put my stations in that is right connect to the reception room. They really are just ridiculous there and to be honest after the wedding I am going to complain but I am going to wait to see if everything goes smoothly up till then and at the wedding. You would think they would be a little more accommodating to us as we are paying all this money for the wedding. So its not the most ideal situation and layout but we will figure out a way to make it work.

I am sooo ready and beyond excited Jeff comes home in a week and half for goood!!! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this day, probably since the day he said bye to go off to college but I am so ready and excited and thrilled our long distance is over with forever! Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving break!

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