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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who knew chairs would be such a hassle!

My wedding planner (who is fabulous) went to have lunch with Stacey the coordinator at the University Club. My wedding planner is going to bat for me dealing with the hideous club chairs and where to store them. I want to have a true cocktail area where they can have drinks and some apps and have the photo booth all in one room. If Christina and Stacey figured somewhere else to store the chairs today some things will change. If I get my true cocktail area i really want to have a little lounge feel to it. I have been searching furniture and found some cute sofas and chairs that I like, but do not know if they are too big for the space. So hopefully i will find out the result of their meeting soon enough.
Heres a picture of some of the furniture I like thus far.

I have been searching till no end to find a cute place to hold my bridesmaid luncheon. I found a cute setting but then the food is gross or not enough. So I give up on having it all. I think I rather have good food and drinks than worrying about the setting of it. I really wanted it to go with my theme of a kentucky derby lunch but oh well I am not sure its all going to flow together because Jacksonville just does not have much to offer and to be honest I am tired of searching for somewhere.

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