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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Well I had a great thanksgiving with my family and our annual tradition is to go to a movie so we went and saw Blind Side. I thought it was a great movie. It was funny and sad at the same time. For the weekend I went down to Gainesville with my brother and sister and some people to go visit my cousin for the FSU/FL game. We had a great time lots of fun but definitely exhausting long days. So I have been catching up on my sleep. I am getting too old to stay out till wee hours of the night drinking. It takes me multiple days to get it back together.

I am so excited because Jeff will be home on FRIDAY! I have been waiting for that forever. I have been sitting on the phone helping him pack telling him what to throw out! The boys finally decided on his bachelor party and they are going on a cruise to the bahamas right before the girls are for my bachelorette party. I think they leave the Sunday or Monday and come back Thursday and we leave that Friday and come back that following Monday. So we are both excited for that and that is coming up just in 2 weeks or so.

As for the wedding its all starting to come down where I have tons of stuff to do. The RSVP deadline is tomorrow and I still need like 28 rsvp's. I am like you have got to be kidding me. So I am going to give them about a week and half and then phone calls are being made because I have to make a seating chart and get it made and printed up. So hopefully people get it together and dont be sooo rude because they have had ample amount of time. Then I can order my menu cards and everything else once i know the number of people coming. So its all about to hit me like a wave and I am going to be suuuper busy. I am still in the search for hairstyles I like. I have no idea what I want just something simple and elegant. But I need to go get a trial done. So we will see lots to do!!
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

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