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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off to Atlanta

Well my mom and I are off to Atlanta for the weekend. Jeff is playing Georgia Tech this weekend but we thought it was a great time to go do some more shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress since we are two months out and we still have NOTHING! We all loved the same dress my mom tried on in Boston at Neiman Marcus, it was beautiful, but we didn't want to buy it because we just started looking. Well werent we idiots. We can not find it anywhere the lady warned us at the store that night there were only three in stores in all Neiman Marcus's so what were we thinking. But mom says if she finds it we are buying it on the spot. So hopefully Atlanta can pull through this weekend or something similar at least.

I went to Marble Slab today and talked to the owner and told him everything I want for jeff "grooms cake" really just ice cream marble slab bar. He was a little interesting man so we will see what he comes back with. Before my mom or I even said anything he said 20% off I bring balloons I do whatever you want i take care of it all, he is oriental or speaks some other language because we could barely understand him. So who knows I guess he can't screw things up too much. But it will be delicious at the rehearsal dinner, jeff will be in heaven!

I've been talking back and forth with my florist and I set up a time to go see a mock up of my centerpieces and linens and everything in a few weeks so I am beyond excited for that as flowers are the most important thing to me! heres a little sneak peak of my centerpieces.

So its all coming together. But Hope everyone has a great weekend

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