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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Possibly Moving One Day

Jeff has started interviewing for all different types of jobs. Wake has so many connections it was such a great decision for him to go there, but with that said majority of the job opportunities are not in Jacksonville. I am so open to picking up and moving away while I am young and its just Jeff and I. I actually want to move and not stay in Jacksonville. I would love to move back once I have kids but we will see where life takes us. Whenever Jeff calls and says he has an interview I say where is it now? Ha that is always my first question but then its, "ah awesome babe Im so proud of you." So I started to ponder some of the places I would have no problem moving to.

Starting with Chicago, it may be a little cold there and wouldn't be my first choice but he is second round of interviews for a company whose corporate is up there so its possible you never know.

I would love Atlanta still close to home, but definitely would live in the suburbs not downtown thats for sure. That is a good possibility too for us.

Last but not least, Charleston. I have never been but heard amazing things and the pictures are just amazing. He doesnt have any jobs he is looking at there but I would personally like it. Its like an old world feel remind me of St. Augustine from the pictures.

We will see with time what happens, but I am sort of excited to move and be somewhere new not the same old place I've grown up. Start a new chapter of life with Jeff although I would miss my parents and sibilings a whole lot.

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