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Monday, January 17, 2011

Recap of the weekend!

We have had a great weekend just hanging and being with friends and family. I feel like all we have done is eat, but we will get back to working out and eating healthy this week. .

Friday we had a football game which we won! We were playing David Garrad's wife (if you aren't from Jacksonville that is the Jaguars quarterback). He was the coach and they had microphones, i-pads for their plays it was a tad bit ridiculous, so it was nice to beat them. He was a very nice guy though, his wife on the other hand was a little crazy. We went out to celebrate with the team after.
On Saturday we went shopping, I knew I was going to buy Jeff a nice fishing pole and reel, since my dad bought a boat for all of us all he has wanted was fishing gear. So I took him with me to buy exactly what he wanted. We went to lunch and then we went and picked up the top tier of our wedding cake.
Saturday night we went and had dinner with our closest friends, Allie Brandon and Camdyn. Had to throw a picture of Camdyn in here because she is just beautiful and growing up so quickly...

On Sunday we went to Church and out to lunch with my family and cousin. Then we came home and believe it or not cleaned the house. We went out to dinner at Ruth's Chris for dinner, it is our favorite steak place! We showed up and they had our table decorated with rose petals and a little card. It was absolutely delicious. They even let us bring our cake there so we could cut it at the restaurant.

We decided we would give gifts for our anniversary but we would also do the traditional gift.
Here is the list of what you are suppose to give for every year. For your first anniversary you are suppose to give paper.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

So that being said I opened up my card and was reading all the stuff he wrote then there was a piece of paper. I opened it thinking it was probably a gift certificate of some sort and this is what I found

I was super surprised and excited. It was a map of Italy and in my card he said we are going to Italy! I've always wanted to go, but Jeff finally agreed. I told him before that I have to go to Italy before I have children because we will never be able to get there for two or three weeks while we have kids. So he said he promises we will go. I want to try to start having kids in three years and Jeff says 4 years, so at least we know we will be going sometime before then! We just have to find a good time that will work with both of our work schedules. I was thinking next summer since I am a teacher and we are out for school, but we have my cousins wedding up in Wisconsin that we will be gone for a while in June then we go to the Keys for a week or two in July. So I am not sure if that will work out so we may have to postpone it to the next summer. Either way I am starting to do some research and I am super excited!! If anyone has been to Italy and has any great advice or recommendations for me to start looking into that would be great. It helps my sister and cousin have already been so they have the places I should absolutely visit and some I shouldn't bother with. But I have plenty of time to plan my trip out as we have a year or two before we will be going!

So it was a fabulous first anniversary. We are going to celebrate with my family tonight and then we will call it quits with all this eating out! We are going to go enjoy our day off on a rainy day and watch a movie on the couch!

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