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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Need a Vacation!

I am in need of a vacation! I apologize for my lack of blogging but I have been busy with work and lots of things going on. Jeff and I have been looking for houses. I feel like I have seen way to many houses and none of them are really impressing me enough to purchase. We were planning on purchasing within the next year so we started just casually looking, but my cousin who is getting married in June is looking at doing her residency for med school at a hospital in Jacksonville. So her and her soon to be hubby would like to rent the house Jeff and I are in from my parents while she is here for three years which makes sense. But that means if they do that then Jeff and I need to get a house. I obviously will not be moving out unless I find something I love (sorry Melis, who I'm sure is reading this) but I really have been looking hard and coming up short. Lately Jeff and I have been talking and my dad brought up the idea of building a house which I didn't think was really an option for our starter house. But when I started looking into it, it didn't seem like such a bad idea. So this weekend Jeff, my dad, and I are going to meet with a local builder to see our options. We found a plan we like and all the specs look to good to be true so I'm wondering what the catch is so we will see how it goes on Saturday! It stresses me out and I'm over the process of looking constantly on the internet and come up with nothing.

I keep telling Jeff we need to go on a mini vacation. I have been stalking flights to Chicago to see if they are reasonable but they are crazy expensive right now as is everywhere else. The next trip Jeff and I have planned is New Year's Eve to Savannah with some friends and that seems like forever away!!

If only things could be easy! On a positive note I'm happy it's finally Fall. I got the Fall decorations out and the pumpkin patch candle burning every night. If only the weather would start to cool down. I can't wait to wear my authentic boots my brother bought us out in Oklahoma with some tights and a scarf!


  1. Just started following your blog from Natalie's so I thought I'd say hello :)


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