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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weight Watchers- 1 year

I have done a lot of diets over the years and none have really worked for me like Weight Watchers. I have been doing it for a year as of this week! I have lost a total of 23 pounds so far and my goal was 25. It has been very difficult towards the end to loose weight so I sort of just been maintaining my weight and have not been doing that good on my points so my last two pounds are probably my fault! Since the new year I have been busy with a lot going on so my working out and my eating has sort of slipped away from me! In the beginning I was seriously pretty neurotic about my eating and wouldn't go out to eat and drive Jeff crazy, but I honestly feel that is how you have to be to start.

I have since calmed down a little and now I am trying to get into a place where I don't have to be so crazy but can just maintain my lifestyle. I would really like to loose those two more pounds just to accomplish my goal I set for myself! I know my problem is not working out enough! As much as I love how i feel afterwards it is a struggle to get my butt out there to do it. After a long day at school the last thing I want to do is come home and go for a run. Running doesn't come easy to me so I typically do not like it nor do I want to go to the gym and wait to get on the treadmill behind the 20 other people coming after work. My goal for this year is to get in some sort of routine with working out. I am hoping to get a treadmill or something to go in our house with some weights so I can just do it home or it will be nice our new house is right down the street from our community gym which I will see it everyday on my way home!

I am thankful I did weight watchers as it has changed my mentality about food and what I eat. I know that I can treat myself to a TCBY every once in a while and not freak out! I will tell you the thing that has changed the most is that I do not drink very much anymore. I like to have the occasional drink when we go out with friends but it is such a waste of calories and it is just not worth it. I rather eat than have a beer or a glass of wine. I highly recommend it if anyone wants to try to loose those few pounds. It will change your life and will make you never want to gain that weight back again.


  1. I joined WW about a year ago and have lost 25lbs... I stil want to lose about 15 more, though. You're SO right... it's the only healthy way to lose weight AND keep it off! I recently joined kickboxing because I was running and just could NOT get into it! You look awesome!! I think I saw you a few months ago, but wasn't sure if you'd remember me so I didn't bother you lol.. Hope you're doing well! Good luck with your house, too!

  2. Yes, I remember you! That is awesome about your weight loss! I actually work at SJDR so when lauren and todd came to your wedding they came and stopped by my classroom. Congrats on the wedding and being a newlywed!

  3. Nice work! :) You're right about the drinking, sometimes it just isn't worth it!

  4. Thank you!!! I didn't know you were a teacher at SJDR! I'm jealous- I'd love to teach there! Have a good weekend!


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