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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sorry I have been MIA lately but lots has been going on! We are still waiting to close on our house which who knows what will happen. I guess that is what happens when you get involved with a short sale. Everything is in line with the banks but we are waiting to get the finalized divorce papers from the seller so we are to just wait a week or so to do that then we can close. It is going to be a close call whether or not I will be able to have my sisters baby shower at the new house or we may have to move it to my moms house.

But on a happier note Jeff and I have been on a furniture shopping kick for the new abode! We actually just got home from doing a little shopping after church and we picked up two greats pieces! One being an antique looking mirror from Home Goods which was such a steal we couldn't walk past it. Not sure where I'm going to put it but it will fine a home somewhere.

We then ran into TJ Maxx completely against Jeff's will and he spotted this chair that would work great as a desk chair. He actually insisted on getting it! It has a little chip so we got some money of the price and it was marked for 200 bucks off so again how could we walk buy.

Our house is turning into a storage unit which is making me go absolutely insane but hopefully we will be out of here in a couple weeks so I feel like I have some breathing room. My entire entry way is full of boxes as well as our garage. So heaven forbid the house falls through we will be renting a storage unit until we find another house because I can not live like this.

We are going to have an upstairs loft at our new place so we figured we would paint our old coffee/side table white that could up stairs and we also painted a blue entry way table my dads friend gave us white and put some cute knobs on it.

For our anniversary Jeff surprised me with the one thing I wanted the most a dining room table..It is still in a box in my garage since it would be pointless to take out plus our little house we live in now would not have room for this big bulky table. We also got four chairs that are wood/upholstered to go with it. Then I am going to put two big wing back chairs at the end of the table.

We are slowly getting some furniture for the house, but we really are just ready to have some space to breath! We keep saying our prayers and have our fingers crossed that this whole process will speed up so we can close shortly. But in the meantime we just cleaning out old junk and I finally got Jeff to get rid of his college recliner that was absolutely gross! So we are making progress!

Next on the list in the a media stand for our tv but I'm having a hard time finding one I like. So we will see

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