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Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYE in Savannah

We had a great time in Savannah with four other couple. I think all we did was walk around, eat, and drink and repeated that every day for three days but I suppose that is what vacation is all about.
We went to dinner at this cute place underground called Alligator Soul. It was really pretty with brick walls and delicious.

We were at one of my favorite places in Savannah, Red Rocks which is a roof top bar on the top of the Bohemian hotel so pretty!!

This place was called sub doggery and we could not walk by as I love hotdogs. This is the menu and they had so many different ways to order a hot dog. It was absolutely delicious.

Here is Jeff's hotdog which is a heart attack on a roll, but it was the Load Potato with french fries and everything else under the sun.

Went on the trolley tour around Savannah to learn a little bit of history.

They close down city market and it is a just a big street party. It was lots of fun.

Birthday boy!

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