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Monday, March 26, 2012


I do have good reasons for not posting in a long time....

Football season is officially over! We have been practicing quite a bit to get ready for playoffs. We had an undefeated season and are back to back champions. I am so sore today, but we were beyond thrilled we won the championship last night.

I know I posted about the house we were under contract on that was a short sale. Well we have been waiting to close for many months due to a nasty divorce. We got a little impatient and tired of the whole process. Dealing with the bank was the easiest part. My cousin graduated from Florida med and got her residency here in Jacksonville. So her and her soon to be husband will be moving into the house Jeff and I currently live in June. My grandpa would be so happy that his house was being used by all his grand kids. So Jeff and I decided to head back out and start looking. We came across a great house with lots of the things that I wanted. We put in an offer and it was a done deal in two days. It was nice because its brand new so we are buying it from the builder and no big things need to be updated or changed right away. We are closing in two weeks so we have lots of packing to do! The best part is we are not even one mile from our closest friends Allie and Brandon who just moved into their house last weekend.

So I have been on a furniture shopping kick to try to find some of the main pieces we need to furnish the house. We are going to go room by room and buy things slowly. My dad took me shopping on Saturday and bought these little beauties for us as a house warming gift! I have never been so excited over a washer and dryer. I swear I do more laundry for two people that any normal person should, so I cant imagine what it will be like when we have kiddos. So we got the biggest ones we could so I could fit all sort of stuff into one load to make my life easier. I hate doing laundry but I can wait to get these delivered when we move in.

So life will be crazy for the next few weeks boxing up one house and moving into another but all in a good way! I will be back and post pictures of the house once we are in and settled!

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