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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hodge Podge

How about USA? I have been staying up way past my normal bed time watching the Olympics but I love it. I have to say swimming, volleyball and gymnastics are by far my favorite. I am ready for the track and field to come on too! I was so happy for our woman's gymnastics team last night! Go USA!

I have been up to my eye balls with stuff working in my classroom. My sister and Delainey came up to school yesterday to help my mom and I out and then today I just had to take a break and I went shopping with Jamie and D. Delainey is getting so big and makes so many noises now. She pretty much entertains me the whole time.

So Jeff and I take an annual New Years Eve trip ever year as I'm sure most of you know. We have been to Savannah the past two years but decided we were going to change it up this year. We were looking at the Jaguars football schedule and it just so happened that the Jags play the Titans the Sunday before NYE. So that solidified our decision. We will be going to Nashville for NYE and hitting up a Jaguar football game. It will be freezing cold, but I can't wait. Jeff's roommate from college lives up there so we will have a local to show us the hot spots and Allie and Brandon will be coming along with us! Allie and I are planners if you can't tell because its like 5 months away and we were looking at flights and they had direct flights for very reasonable so we were afraid to wait and the price go up so we just booked it!

So if anyone has any recommendations of places to see, shops, local bars, or restaurants please let us know! We have plenty of time to do some research, but any help would be appreciated!

If you remember on my 30 before 30 list one of the things was to get a supper club started with some of our friends. Well we have got a little group of 6 couples together and we have our first dinner Friday night at Allie and Brandons. I will try to take pictures, but it will be a fun night of friends, food, and drinks! We are going to rotate houses and try to get together once a month so it should be a good time! Now I have to learn how to cook. Yikes! So that is one thing off my list!

I can also cross out go on a road football trip for this year because we will be now we just gotta keep it up.

1. Buy a House (Accomplished and have been living In our house for 2 months now happy as ever).
 2. Get pregnant at some point
 3.Visit Napa Valley and go to all the vineyards (think this would be a great girls trip)
 4. Zip Lining in Costa Rica
 5. Get a nice camera/video camera and take more pictures
 6. Go to Ellen Show
 7. Visit Italy and parts of Europe (this will be a difficult one because Jeff has no desire to go)
 8. Run Disney Half Marathon (maybe walk some too)
 9. Give a family in need Christmas
 10. Start party planning on the side
 11. Spend Christmas in NYC (jeff has never been)
 12. Attend a bible study regularly
 13. become a better cook/take a cooking class
 14. work out 3-5 times a week
15. throw Jeff a big birthday party
 16. Host a formal dinner party at our house with a chef
 17. Learn how to play golf so I can play with jeff
18. Start a supper club with friends and family
 19. Become a better listener and less stubborn
20. Read more books
21. Go to a road football trip every year (obviously Jeff's input)
22. Loose 10-15 more pounds
 23. learn how to make homemade meatballs like my Bumpa and Jeff's Pop Pop
24. Still be teaching
25. Take salsa dancing class
 26. start up volleyball program at my school 
27. Finish Decorating our house
28. Have an annual girls weekend trip
 29. Build a pergola in my backyard
30. Have a big 30th birthday party!!

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