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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hodge Podge

I feel like I have so much on my plate, but I tend to do it to myself so I am to blame. I take on quite a bit at school with my kiddos but it is worth it to see them having fun learning. Of course I recently decided to get back to being healthy and I am trying to cut out yeast! Now not completely because I do love my corona light after a football game or on a Saturday afternoon. But I have been doing pretty good! I have  had spaghetti squash with turkey meatball, lettuce wraps with turkey and veggies. Egg whites for breakfast and I have lost weight already in just a couple days! Hopefully I can keep it up. I know on the weekend will be the hardest as we eat out or hang with friends to have some drinks! I am going to try to just work out more so it will compensate for those couple drinks! Jeff hasn't been all to thrilled about the food I have been making lately. It is a lot of work to prepare my lunches and breakfast as I normally just grabbed a fiber one bar and a lean cuisine and called it a day. I now have to cook my meal and make something Jeff will eat as well! Being healthy is way to much work if you ask me, but worth it when you see some results I suppose.

So on top of that I am also in the midst of planning Jeff's beer olympics party which is not going to be to detailed and it is almost a month away yikes!! We are finalizing the menu with On the Fly food truck which Jeff just raves about! Deposit is paid and that is booked!

All I really need to do is decide on all the games, get some kegs, cups, and a cake. I didn't want it to be to detailed. I just finished doing the invitations with Laura who I have used for previous invitations. She is so quick and great to work with. I told her exactly what I wanted and in a day it was in my inbox. Here's a little sneak peak of the picture on the top of it.....

All of the lots have sold around our house! Three across the street are about to go up and then one right next door. I will be happy once all the building is done! But we have been wanting to make our backyard which is on a down slope into a patio with brick pavers and put a little fire pit out there in the corner, but just keep pushing it off. When we saw that SOLD sign the other day we said we better get to it. We figured it will be way easier for them to bring in all the dirt to level off our back yard and build it without tearing up our side yard and grass. So I have been contacting multiple companies and have lots of appointments set up to get some estimates. Fingers crossed this doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I know Jeff all to well and if it is more than the number he has in his head it will not be happening! 
I really like this back patio! I don't think we need a retaining wall all the way around but maybe a small one around the fire pit for sitting! We will have to wait and see what these guys have to say. 

I am obsessed with pergolas and it is even on my 30 for 30 to get one! What would be better for parties and to hang stuff. I tried to talk Jeff into getting one as well but he said yea right I have to wait a little while to get one! I bet my brother in law honestly could make one he is like Bob Villa, but I will be patient. 

We are getting our gutters put in next week before spring and those rain shower comes! It has already done a toll on our grass in the backyard not having them so we just picked out colors! I just feel busy as all get out but in a good way! 

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