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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ski Trip Recap

Breckenridge was absolutely beautiful! Definitely amazing to see as I have never been out to Colorado before! It was beyond freezing and I am thankful for my friend Leslie who had all the ski essentials! It definitely isn't about what you look like it is about staying warm! Skiing took a lot of muscle and was hard work, but we seemed to get a hang of it pretty quickly! I only fell once which was on purpose because I was flying down the mountain and knew I probably couldn't stop myself going that fast so I turned and fell. My sister had been before and I sort of stayed with her as she walked me through it. The most terrifying part was getting off the lift to me. The people would get off the lift and then just stand there. I'm like seriously get out of the way or I will be running into you!  There were 14 of us and 9 of us got sick for one day so that wasn't the best we think due to the altitude and being extremely dehydrated, but we were blessed enough to have a HUGE house to accommodate all of us being sick. The house was absolutely amazing. It was three stories with an amazing basement! Jeff and I lucked out and got a room downstairs right by the theatre room, game room, and bar! =) I could definitely get use to living there! It just so happened the house is on the market currently for 2.1 million. We will get right on buying that! HA!. Jeff and I learned that we are more beach people and rather be by the water with a tropical drink in hand. But it was a great experience and good time and memories with our family. Here are a bunch of pictures to recap our trip! =)

most delicious fresh margaritas! definitely had one to many possibly resulting in me getting extra dehydrated! 

Happiest Baby in the world!

holding Uncle Babe's finger on the way to the airport 

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