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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stuff Everywhere

I am in the process of buying plastic bins to put all my vases, lanterns, glassware, chargers, candles etc in that I have acquired over time. I have so much stuff and its sort of everywhere between mine and my parents house. So I am trying to get organized with it all. I literally need a whole room devoted to all my stuff and just have shelves on all walls because closets aren't cutting it.
But these are the next purchase on my list. I absolutely love them. They are great for luncheons, parties, weddings etc. I figured they will be good to have around.

White Milk Glass Vases..


  1. hit up goodwill I always find tons of them there are they are super cheap like 5$!!!!

  2. which goodwill in jax or tally? if jax, did you buy them or should there still be some there

  3. I've found some at both goodwill's in tally so I'm sure there are some in jax as well...

  4. I don't even know where a goodwill is here but i will have to venture out one day to see if i can find some before i order them online... thanks


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