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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Wants!

It's my birthday month! So I figured I should make up a little birthday list. I really do not want to much just a few things.

Here are my top 5 things-

1. My Wedding Album!! I've been waiting so eagerly to get my album! It was said to take 3 months for the design and we are over 4 so I am hoping to get the rough design soon! I'm so excited i just want to see it. Noone can really buy me that as its already bought but its my number 1 birthday wish!

2. Blackberry Torch-I am totally a blackberry person. I like the internet on the iphone and thats about it and now looky looky. They came out with a touch screen and a type pad for the new blackberry. I am in love! I must get this!

3. iPad- ever since I got my iMac almost two years ago I am completely an apple computer user. This would be fantastic for road trips and just to take with me every day

4. Dyson Vacuum- Jeff and I didn't get a vacuum for our wedding and we love to vacuum the house way to much for a normal person. So we have to go and borrow my sisters dyson so we are hoping to get one of our own!

5. 2nd wedding band- this one is the for the hubs. I want another wedding band for the other said of my ring!!
(this is not the picture of my band)


  1. i think jeff should make you wait till you have a baby like todd is making me!! :)

  2. we are not having babies anytime soon, so there is no way i will wait till then.


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