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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry for my lack of posting. i got through my first week of school and it went well with all the craziness that comes along with it. I was extremely exhausted waking up at 6 every morning. I had to come home and take a quick nap make some dinner then go back to bed. Hopefully my body will adjust to these early hours!

We had a relaxing weekend with a whole lot of sleeping involved. Jeff took me shopping yesterday to see what I wanted for my birthday. I narrowed it down to my other wedding band or the new blackberry torch. I think I decided on the blackberry torch for my birthday and can just get my band for christmas or our 1 year anniversary, hopefully.
If your a blackberry person you have got to check it out. Its the best of both worlds between of a blackberry/iPhone. Its glorious!
So hopefully I will be opening that on my birthday!

We are also starting to do some research for our 1 year anniversary trip. We were planning on going to Vegas and hoping some of our friends would be able to go with us so we won't be going by ourselves as Jeff would spend his time in the casino and I would want to do shows and clubs etc. But it's not a good time for lots of our friends to go as people are having babies or trying, or getting married. So we are thinking vegas can wait and we are looking into other options.
I was thinking Wine Country, New York, an island of some sort. jeff was thinking a cruise, but I would prefer not a cruise. We have a four day weekend so it can not be too long but does anyone have any recommendations of places they have been that would possibly be good for a four day weekend? We could use all the ideas we can get. I want to start looking into booking sooner or later so we can get a better price. so hopefully we will figure it out in the next month or two.

check these cute centerpieces out!


  1. ha dan one day we will, but for a four day weekend we would be in the air the entire time. not worth it. i need like two weeks at least.


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